A grow house in the SGV went up in flames, a little.

Note to self: When setting up 1,700-plant marijuana grow house in the San Gabriel Valley try not to burn the place down.

Got it.

So where were we? Oh yeah, a 1,700-plant cannabis house was discovered Monday after a compost fire was sparked in the living room. (Note to self: Don't do composting in the living room).

According to the Pasadena Star-News, the one-story house in the 9100 block of Duarte Road in unincorporated San Gabriel went up in flames sometime before 11 a.m., and a man was seen running from the residence.

(Note to self: If grow house goes up in smoke, run).

Nobody was arrested.

Authorities say such grow houses are often run by Asian gangs and that they sell their product to — you guessed it — the burgeoning medical marijuana dispensary trade. You know, the “nonprofit” collective biz where people are supposed to join together and share their homegrown weed with the “seriously ill.”

Note to self: Yeah, right.

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