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We're two weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con and now the panel schedule for Thursday, July 21 is online. You know what that means. It's time to start preparing.

Check out the full schedule on SDCC's website. We've highlighted our picks for the first full day of SDCC after the jump.

Will Bruce Campbell wow the crowd at SDCC like he did at Weekend of Horrors last fall?; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Will Bruce Campbell wow the crowd at SDCC like he did at Weekend of Horrors last fall?; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

10-11 a.m., Ballroom 20, Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

We've said this before, but Bruce Campbell is one of the best guests you could hope to find on any convention panel. He's funny, charming and informative. Campbell and Burn Notice creator/writer/executive producer will be on hand for the debut of this prequel for the popular USA series.

10:45-11:45 a.m., Room 6A, “Oh, You Sexy Geek!”

Sexy geek girls have been a subject of controversy across the web in recent months. See what Bonnie Burton, Clare Grant, Chris Gore and more have to say on the subject during this panel.

12:45-1:45 p.m., Room 6DE, “DC: Grant Morrison”

Renowned comic book writer Grant Morrison is a special guest at this year's SDCC event and, on this panel, he will be discussing his cross-media work. Yes, that includes the forthcoming Action Comics #1.

1- 2 p.m. Indigo Ballroom Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Stan Lee, Yoshiki Todd McFarlane

Blood Red Dragon is the new comic book collaboration from Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and X Japan founder Yoshiki. Find out more about it at SDCC.

2-3 p.m., Room 9, Love and Rockets

Did you realize that the landmark indie comic Love and Rockets is just about 30 years old? We didn't either. Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez will be on hand for this panel.

3-4 p.m., Ballroom 20, Game of Thrones Panel and Q & A Session

George R.R. Martin, creator of A Song of Ice and Fire and co-executive producer and writer of Game of Thrones, will be moderating this panel featuring several stars of the HBO series. Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington and Jason Momoa are set to appear.

4-5 p.m., Indigo Ballroom Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Archer Screening and Q&A Session

Fans of the ridiculously funny animated spy series will want to check out this session with Archer creator Adam Reed, actors H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler and more.

5-6 p.m., Room 6A, Beavis & Butthead

Beavis & Butthead is ready for a comeback. Hear what Mike Judge has to say about the series relaunch and check out some clips from the new show.

6-7 p.m., Room 32AB, LGBTX: The X-Men's Queer Characters, Themes and Fans

Screenwriter Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class), comic book writer Scott Lobdell (Uncanny X-Men) and others will discuss LGBT aspects of Marvel's popular series.

9:30-10:30 p.m., Room 6DE, Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 103

Torchwood fans have a chance to check out the newest episode of the series before it airs.

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