Los Angeles resident and onetime, early '00s Lakers player Samaki Walker tried to eat about 10 grams of marijuana after he was stopped by cops in Arizona, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Cops told hte paper Walker also had 8 bottles of “liquid steroids” as well as some prescription drugs on him when they stopped his 2002 Mercedes-Benz in Kingman Thursday.

The alleged weed-eating stunt was not successful and …

… Walker was arrested on suspicion of drug possession (Arizona is a medical marijuana state, but apparently Walker isn't a patient there).

He told authorities the steroids were legal in Syria, where he plays pro ball.

Walker lives in Woodland Hills and was a member of the Lakers championship-winning squad in 2001/2002.

We were curious to find out if the liquid substance he allegedly had was GHB, an illicit club- and “date-rape” drug that is, in fact, a liquid steroid. We have a call into Kingman police. In any case having steroids in Arizona is a misdemeanor.


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