Ryan Schuler Is Creating Disruption in Immersive Marketing With New Frontier Presents

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Immersive marketing is the latest buzzword in the business world, with marketers using it to generate greater value for both consumers and brands. Unlike traditional marketing, immersive marketing makes the audience feel a part of what is being presented to them, pushing them to explore it further, which has seen many businesses adopt this new technology. But it is nearly impossible to talk about immersive experiences and what this means to the world without mentioning Ryan Schuler.

Ryan is an innovator and entrepreneur with a track record of taking on disruptive technologies and launching businesses in emerging spaces. He has introduced new technologies to different industries for the last several years, with his incredible work attracting a lot of attention. Ryan has won multiple awards in the healthcare space. He has now transitioned to marketing, launching a marketing and immersive augmented and virtual reality company, New Frontier Presents, with business partner and co-founder, Jeff Buesing.

New Frontier Presents is a digital platform allowing users to create entertainment experiences within the Metaverse and earn rewards/partnerships. They have a token, the NFP token, making it easier for you to monetize your brand and start earning in the Metaverse. New Frontier Presents has a Swap Platform where you can join the movement and be part of the change. You just need to click “connect to wallet”, New Frontier Presents NFP (preselected), follow the directions to connect, and then choose ETH on the top, enter an amount, and click “swap”.

According to Ryan Schuler, their goal is to build a platform that will diversify how customers and brands interact, allowing users to create their own multiple layers of entertainment, earning rewards and partnerships. This will help business owners build an emotional connection with customers and access new audiences who may not have considered your offering before.

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Ryan Schuler and his team are redefining immersive marketing and creating more opportunities. He is leveraging his experience to effect positive disruption in the industry. Ryan has worked in emerging markets and is the founder of several businesses, including an advisory business, Mxnt Group. He also worked in several other industries, helping him better understand the business world and Metaverse.

He uses his online platforms to share his journey with other entrepreneurs and shows the public how they can leverage immersive marketing to grow their brands. Like many innovators, Ryan’s journey was challenging. He encountered different obstacles as most markets are skeptical about new technologies. He explains that in some cases, it takes several months to convince people to buy your product as what you offer is different from what people are used to.

But Ryan has not given up on revolutionizing the business world. He learned to be patient and stick to the vision no matter the challenges, a lesson he shares with young people.

It can be hard to turn that idea into reality, and sometimes, you will feel like it is unachievable, says Ryan. But what’s worse than failure is letting your ideas just be ideas, as you will never know what could have happened next. He adds that success takes time, and failing once doesn’t signal the end of your journey.

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