Ryan Savage DDS & Colgate: The Next Big Dental Duo?       

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In a world where first impressions can be lasting, Dr. Ryan Savage understands that a smile is more than just an expression; it’s a work of art. For fifteen years, this veneer specialist has reimagined and redefined what it means to have a captivating smile.

Dr. Savage’s work is recognized not just in Orange County—where he holds the unofficial title of ‘Best Dentist in Orange County’—but across LA and beyond. Whether it’s radiant porcelain veneers or the highly sought-after Emax veneers, Dr. Savage has established himself as the authority.

Raised in a family of medical professionals, Dr. Savage was captivated by a career that merged his love for art with his intrinsic drive to heal and care. For Savage, becoming a dentist was not about fitting into an existing mold but about carving out his own space.

Today, Dr. Savage is considered the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to smile makeovers. His practice is not designed for the casual cosmetic dentist; it is a calling that demands unwavering passion, a pinch of obsession, and an exacting eye for detail. It’s about going 100% all-in every time. This dedication and his affinity for mentoring hints at a future where a Savage Institute might one day stand tall, empowering dentists worldwide to deliver not just healthcare but confidence—one radiant smile at a time.

Inside his practice, where Dr. Savage and his associate, Dr. Alex Nguyen, work side by side, the atmosphere is unlike any typical dental office. It’s a place where patients, including influencers and celebrities, unwind and relax.

But what could be the next chapter in this remarkable journey? Currently, there is buzzing speculation about a potential partnership between Dr. Savage and Colgate, an iconic brand in oral care. For Dr. Savage, collaborating with Colgate is more than just a savvy business alliance; it’s a dream aligning with reality. He’s always wanted to collaborate with brands he believes in and uses himself, like Colgate, Invisalign, Listerine, and Figs Scrubs. A brand ambassador role with Colgate wouldn’t just be a feather in his cap but an alignment of stars.

With such a partnership, the world of cosmetic dentistry stands on the precipice of a revolution. Imagine a future where Colgate, a trusted global brand, brings Dr. Savage’s transformative artistry into homes worldwide. This could mean more than just top-tier products; it could signify a new era of dental health education, with Dr. Savage as a guide.

Dr. Savage envisions himself not just as a brand ambassador but as a leading voice in dental health—gracing television screens as an expert, contributing to podcasts, engaging in lively panel discussions, and bringing the intricate world of dental care to the forefront of health conversations.

With ‘Savage Smile’ already the name-brand designer smile everyone wants. Dr. Savage has transformed dental care from a mundane routine into an exceptional, confidence-building experience. The potential collaboration with Colgate could be a game-changer, propelling Dr. Savage’s artistry, innovation, and heartfelt passion onto a global platform—a stage where every smile is a masterpiece waiting to come to life.

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