We already told you about the “ZOMG! SEXY TEENS WITH GUITARS!” exploitation biopic about The Runaways when we unveiled the trailer a while back. But now the stars and makers are promoting the shit out of the movie at Sundance and we're learning more about the creative process!

According to The Vancouver Sun, in a hilariously titled article called “Harsh Words from Joan Jett Inspire Kristen Stewart,”

Kristen Stewart stops herself before she articulates the exact words spoken to her by Joan Jett when she strapped on the electric guitar to play the '70s-era rock chick.

One might say the Twilight star even looks trepidatious, despite the tight black pants and mug shot hoodie that lend her an air of bulletproof toughness. And no wonder, when the words finally come out, they're evocative – not to mention a tad obscene.

“Put your p—- to the wood! F— your guitar!” says Stewart, citing Jett.

The words might sound a little harsh, but for Stewart, having Jett share her rock 'n' roll wisdom on the set of The Runaways was manna from heaven.

Those are not harsh words! That's beautiful punk poetry! “PUT YOUR PUSSY TO THE WOOD! FUCK YOUR GUITAR!” should be the title of The Runaways' comeback album if they decide to tour behind this movie, Anvil-style!

[Also, Kristen Stewart talked (awkwardly) about nudity (more after the jump!)]

In other “ZOMG! NAKED KSTEWART!” news, the starlet told MTV about her controversial “nudity” scene at the end of the movie. [Spoiler alert: Joan Jett doesn't die at the end of the movie. Metaphors are involved.]

In the last shot of “Runaways,” in which she plays real-life rocker Joan Jett, Stewart is seen floating underwater without any clothes on. Was that really her?

“Yeah,” she confirmed to MTV News. “But you can't see anything.”

As Stewart explained, you can achieve things on a movie set that you might not be able to under ordinary circumstances. “There are things you are capable of doing under the guise [of acting],” she said. “You're so safe. Plus I was not naked. I was wearing stuff. I was wearing really, really, really unattractive nude moleskin or something. Really, really, really gross. In the movie, it's like, 'Oh, it's cool, this looks objective. She's submerged. She's lost in this world, this ocean.' “

What the hell is “a nude moleskin”? Is she somehow wearing an elegant hipster notebook, favored by Hemingway and Chatwin?

Also, remember the 60s and 70s when the sexual revolution was happening and people didn't give a hoot about showing a little tit, dick or bush on mainstream film? Well, it's back to “modesty” for these Reagan/Bush babies. Like in the Eisenhower years, the naked body is safely stowed back in the Art House or the Grindhouse (well, today's version of the Grindhouse, Xtube).

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