R&R CBD Review: The CBD that works

The CBD that works. The tagline says it all really. And not only is R&R CBD’s product line incredibly effective, but it’s also one of the most comprehensively tested CBD brands I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

So, if you’re looking for a clean, pure CBD product that really works, then keep reading to find out more about R&R CBD products in our full and honest R&R CBD review.

R&R CBD review: Summary

Formerly known as R+R Medicinals, R&R CBD recently underwent a full rebranding and added a couple of exciting new products to their line-up under the brand name “SummitTHC”. It’s been over a year since I last tried their products and with these new additions, I was excited to put them all to the test again.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect when shopping with R&R CBD and then you can read my individual product reviews below


    • Some of the purest, cleanest products on the market
    • Incredibly effective formulas
    • Best tasting gummies on the market
    • You can try their products risk-free for 60 days
    • Broad-spectrum formulas are superior to others
    • Award-winning pet products
    • Affordable prices and generous loyalty discounts
    • Free delivery on all orders
    • Now offer Delta 8 and Delta 9 products (under new brand SummitTHC)
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  • Gummies only come in one strength for each extract type
  • Don’t offer any products for smoking or vaping

R&R CBD review: The products

While they don’t offer any CBD products for smoking or vaping, R&R CBD does have a great range of ingestibles and topicals on offer. All of their products come with a generous 60 day, money-back guarantee, so you can try them all, completely risk-free.

Here are my personal favorites:

R&R CBD Gummies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, R&R CBD gummies are some of the best tasting gummies on the market! You might wish they came in a lower dose just so you can eat more of them…

In order to manufacture their gummies, R&R CBD teamed up with candy experts to develop their multi-flavored gummy rings recipe and you can choose between a full spectrum or broad spectrum extract type.

Their full-spectrum gummies contain 30mg of CBD in each delicious morsel, while their THC-free option contains 25mg of CBD. Both come in a mixture of Palisade Peach, Granny Smith Apple, and Alpine Strawberry, and I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

On top of their great taste, these gummies are well-dosed, incredibly effective, and vegan-friendly.

Buy their gummies here


R&R CBD oil tinctures are the best choice for if you want more personalized dosing options. They come in a fresh mint flavor or unflavored oil in three different strengths of 500mg, 1000mg, and  2500mg, meaning a single dropper-full can deliver anywhere between ~17mg and ~42mg of CBD.

For lower doses, however, I find it more cost-effective to buy one of the stronger oils and just take less of it, administering just half a dropper or even just a few drops.

The fresh mint taste is great for if you’re putting drops under your tongue or if you prefer adding it to your morning coffee, smoothie, or food, then the natural flavored one will work out to be more versatile in the long run.

When used regularly this CBD is great for relieving pain but I also tried it recently for relieving mild anxiety and it worked quickly and effectively, nipping negative thoughts in the bud within as little as 20 minutes. That is why R&R has one of the best full spectrum CBD tinctures of the year! 

Buy their tinctures here

R&R CBD Cream

Like all of the other products we tested for R&R CBD, this topical CBD cream for pain relief is very impressive. It smells great, sinks in quickly, and gets to work within minutes.

The full-spectrum version of the cream comes in two strengths, 1000mg and 2000mg, and for those of you living in states that have stricter laws about THC, their broad spectrum cream comes in a 1000mg tube.

Over the years I’ve tested the 1000mg broad spectrum and full spectrum creams and they’re both equally good to be honest, relieving pain, swelling, and minimizing bruising. Their formula also includes a whole host of other ingredients that help to enhance the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

  • Arnica is commonly used in the treatment of bruises, sprains, joint pain, and muscle aches. It can speed up the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation and swelling, and recent studies suggest it may also be useful in treating burns.
  • MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, relieving both muscle and joint pain, and the sulfur (a major component of MSM) plays a vital role in making collagen and glucosamine, essential for healthy bones and joints.
  • Calendula flower is another hugely beneficial ingredient containing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and wound healing compounds.
  • Jojoba is a natural microbial with healing and anti-inflammatory properties. On top of this, jojoba is great for moisturizing the skin, helping keep it healthy, soft, and supple.

And great news for vegans too as R&R’s new formula is completely animal and cruelty-free, so now this super effective cream can be enjoyed by everyone.

Buy their creams here

R&R CBD for pets

We recently compiled a list of the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety and R&R’s CBD oil for dogs was one of the first products that sprang to mind. I’ve seen first-hand how this product helps ease hyperactive dogs. 

My friend has an 8-year old pitbull called Macy and she’s a big girl, so when she jumped on people to greet them, it wasn’t always welcome. As soon as she started taking CBD, Macy became much more chilled out and, ultimately, more trainable (they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can!).

It was also clear to see that she moves around with more ease than before, getting up from her bed more quickly and comfortably and running up and down the stairs like a puppy again.

I’ve also seen how much the oil and the dog chews can help to ease a variety of dog’s anxiety when confronted with thunderstorms and fireworks. These products have proven to be a godsend for all of the pet parents I know, as they see how much calmer their dogs are when faced with loud noises and situations which would usually have them barking all night or cowering in fear under the sofa.

If you’re thinking about trying CBD for your pet then I can’t recommend these products highly enough, especially when you consider the fact that they come with a risk-free guarantee. If for some reason it doesn’t help your pet, then you can contact them for your money back, no questions asked.

Buy their pet CBD here

SummitTHC Gummies

I have to say I was very happy to hear that R&R had started producing their own brand of Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies. I love taking THC gummies for recreational purposes, as well as to help me sleep better at night and these SummitTHC gummies really do the trick in both areas!

As expected, SummitTHC is held up to the same standards as R&R CBD, so their potency is guaranteed and their safety testing goes above and beyond regulations to ensure a safe and effective experience.

Third-party testing is carried out in ISO accredited labs, where they test for potency, microbials (no bacteria, yeast, or mold), heavy metals (no lead, arsenic, or mercury), residual solvents (no chemicals leftover from extraction), and pesticides (organic and pesticide free). If you ever spent any time looking into it (which I do on a daily basis), you’d be surprised at just how many companies fail to have their products tested by third parties or tested for potency only!

My husband and I both tried the Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies that are currently offered by R&R’s new sister brand, which contain 25mg of delta 8 or 15mg of Delta 9 THC per gummy. 

Both of them help me get a fantastic night’s sleep and both of them also produce an extremely effective, fun, and satisfying buzz, but we were divided when it came to picking favorites.

My husband thought that the Delta 9 gummies offered a stronger and more well-rounded buzz overall whereas I, being a little THC sensitive, felt a little bit too high at times, so I preferred the Delta 8 gummies overall. The Delta 8 experience, overall, is softer, but you still get great sensations of euphoria and calm.

So, I would suggest that you make your decision based on your level of experience and desired state of mind. Even at the higher dosage of 25mg, the Delta 8 high isn’t as strong as the Delta 9 high, so they will be more suited to people that prefer a milder level of intoxication.

However, if you’re looking to get high af (like my husband!), then you’re gonna love these Delta 9 gummies. Learn more about all the best legal highs in this article.

Buy their Delta 8 and 9 gummies here

Why you can trust R&R CBD for all your CBD Needs

I really like R&R CBD and am always happy to recommend their products at every turn for so many reasons. I discuss all of their amazing attributes in more detail in my previous review of them, but here are some highlights:

Some of the purest, cleanest products on the market

All of R&R CBD’s products are made with the purest and cleanest ingredients possible. Their CBD is extracted from organic, sun-grown Colorado hemp using supercritical CO2 methods, meaning no solvents are used in the extraction process.

They also have their products tested by third parties for both potency and purity. Their third-party testing is also way above the usual industry standards, testing for more analytes than any other brand I know, meaning they have some of the cleanest and purest CBD available on the market today.

You can try their products risk-free for 60 days

On top of their incredible product quality, one of my other favorite things about this brand is their 60-day, money-back guarantee. They’re so confident in the effectiveness of their products that you can try their products for up to two months and if you don’t think they’re working for you, you can send the remainder of the product back to them and receive your money back.

It’s important, especially when using CBD products for inflammation and pain, that you use the product regularly and oftentimes it will take a few weeks to get into your system properly and start affecting real change. So do be sure to give it a proper go and make an effort to get your CBD dosage right before making any hasty decisions. 

Broad-spectrum formulas are superior to others

If you are worried about taking THC for any reason, or if you live in a zero tolerance state, then you’ll also be pleased to know that R&R CBD’s broad spectrum formulas are highly superior to most other broad-spectrum products on the market.

Many broad spectrum products aren’t actually what you think they are, which is the same as full-spectrum products but with the THC removed from them. Many companies build their broad spectrum products from scratch using a combination of isolates, terpenes and other hemp compounds, because it’s cheaper and easier to do this than to extract the THC.

R&R, on the other hand, has developed a proprietary organic remediation technique that allows them to remove the THC from the CBD extract, leaving all of the other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes behind. This took years of research, but it means that their formulas are much closer to the original organic material, just like mother nature intended.

Award-winning products

R&R CBD has also won a whole host of awards. As awareness about this thoughtful, conscientious, and transparent brand continues to grow, they’re winning awards all over the place!

Affordable prices and generous loyalty discounts

While this brand’s products aren’t the cheapest around, they are more than affordable when you split it down to a daily cost. They are absolutely worth every penny, especially when you consider the peace of mind you get knowing you’re buying the cleanest and purest, vegan-friendly products on the market.

Free delivery on all orders

Last but not least, you get free delivery on all orders with R&R CBD. No nasty surprises at the checkout or trying to make up your order value to a minimum in order to qualify for free shipping. Happy days!

Customer reviews

You only have to spend a minute or two reading real customer reviews on R&R’s website to see how impressive this company is. Their customers absolutely love them for their products and their outstanding customer service team. 

Jos Brants saidI would recommend R&R to anyone,not only do they have fantastic products they have a customer relation team like no other…! If this is the medicine you are looking for…..don’t hesitate THIS is the company to deal with..! Keep up the good work guys!

Vito Russo saidAs someone who has struggled for years with symptoms related to PTSD, and who has tried (unsuccessfully due to unwanted side effects) various prescription medications, I am very happy to have found this product. As a first time user of CBD products I was really amazed at how quickly I noticed an improvement with my symptoms. Specifically, I am sleeping better and longer, my anxiety levels are reduced and I am feeling an overall sense of well-being during the day. For me, this product works! In addition to the great product, the customer service that I received from R&R was the best!

Joan Pape saidExcellent Product Line! Have tried 8 other brands and this is THE one. The topical cream is particularly amazing. My daughter has RA in her hands and has had tremendous pain for 2 years. Docs haven’t helped, not even new medications. She used this cream and was able to make a fist again! Joints weren’t painful and swelling was reduced. This product and all of R R’s products are impressive. This is a company of great integrity that truly cares about their customers.

Beth Ramsey saidMy husband and I are both taking R R CBD for different reasons. He takes it for joint pain and I take it to help even out my moods. His joints are feeling better every day with no other side effects. I have temporarily stopped taking my low dose antidepressant prescription so that I could try CBD and it seems to be a better mood regulator than the prescription I’ve been taking for years. With the exception of feeling more tired than usual since starting the CBD I have noticed no side effects. I have not experienced the increased mood swings and depression that I’ve been struggling with during the last year.

Review summary

It’s impossible to fault R&R CBD in any way which makes it difficult to write a review that appears as honest and authentic as this review actually is. This is quite simply one of the best brands I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, that goes out of its way to produce ultra-premium quality products at affordable prices.

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