Get ready Westsiders. If you didn't fully enjoy the spectacle of President Obama's last few visits, then here's your chance to observe another media frenzy.

Prince William and his new wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are rumored to be staying at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Brentwood home when they visit L.A. July 8-10.

So says RadarOnline:

The Governator's Southern California digs might be where they stay on what will be the first trip to the states for the newest member of the royal family, Catherine


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Very well. Get ready for the helicopters and the media and all dees tings, as Arnold might say.

Anyway, we hope the ex-gov brushes up on his English, cuts out the “dis and dat,” and stops dropping eye-rollers like “I'll be back.”

This is royalty, Arnold. Show some class for the rest of L.A.'s sake.

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