Rowena L. Purifoy Calls on Americans to Fight Opponents and Save the American Dream

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The American Dream is a well-known national ethos that draws people from all over the world. The set of ideals encompasses the notion of individual rights, freedom, authority, democracy, and equality as well as the pursuit of happiness and success regardless of one’s brought up. In other words, The American Dream represents societal prosperity and repute, which allows everyone to live life to the fullest (living the dream).

Nevertheless, like many other dreamers, it has attracted the attention of those who seek to derail The American Dream. Many foes are attempting to carve their way into America and will soon begin governing over it, displaying their real might and usurping authority. Purifoy’s book, Wolves In Shepherd’s Attire, is a call to action for everyone to take part in saving the American Dream and eradicating the chaos, damage, and poison from their nation.

The Rising Tension between US-Russia

The entire world was seized by the terror of World War III last year, and it became a hot subject after Russia invaded Ukraine. While the two powers battled for control, this conflict drove the United States and Russia to their lowest point in modern history. Tensions and conflicts between the two forces on political, economic, and security matters escalated rapidly. Vladimir Putin has imperialist aspirations that place human rights, territorial integrity, and the ability of nations to determine their own future in jeopardy.

Russia’s invasion poses a significant threat to democracy now that they are on the verge of obtaining total control of Ukraine. The question is not how the US should respond but how profoundly it will affect the American partisan divide. Americans consider Ukraine to be considerably friendlier than Russia—not a full ally, but far more cordial than Russia. If Russia continues to evade sanctions, the United States will be forced to accept dictatorship with a heavy heart.

The Collapse Of American Democracy

Purifoy has provided precise facts and figures with supporting assertions in her book Wolves In Shepherd’s Attire, that if the people of America do not band together to drive out Russia, they would soon have to live under dictatorship. It is difficult to imagine a superpower like US being headed by a tyrant, but that has always been Russia’s plan: to first take over Ukraine, then the US, in order to get to the top. Imagine it as if it were a means to an end- Ukraine (means) and USA (end). A professor of political science in Canada predicted that “US could be under a right-wing dictatorship by the end of the decade.”

Here is Homer-Dixon’s message: “By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme domestic political instability, including widespread civil violence. By 2030, if not sooner, the country could be governed by a right-wing dictatorship.”

Dictatorship has never worked well for any country, and the United States will be no exception. It will turn America into the land of lost dreams rather than the land of dreams, and people will search for ways to eventually leave for good. The terrifying aspect is that Russia will rise to the top and rule over something that was never theirs, to begin with.

Join Hands To Drive Enemies Out

The only remedy, which is also the people’s obligation, is to join forces and eventually drive out the adversaries. It is high time to put an end to this mayhem once and for all by using your influence and demonstrating to Russia what you truly stand for.

To make this change feasible, it is first necessary to grasp the full scenario through Purifoy’s lens, in which she has detailed the entire chaos to help readers’ better grasp the issue. The book also explains what placed America under Russia’s thumb and how every terrible action has a consequence that must be considered. It is a wake-up call to all citizens to identify USA’s deteriorating and failing state and to have the desire and fortitude to rise up and destroy the psychological warfare that is poisoning some of our minds.

The American Dream must prevail, and America must always be known as the land of dreams. Russia should learn from their deeds as they are exiled from our dear country because stealing from us is impossible.

Stay tuned to find out more about how the enemy is planning and plotting America’s downfall.

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