We'll just apologize right now for how not news this is.

It's just that — there's really nothing like a network-television pun to save us from the gloom of overseas government torture, cops who lie about getting shot and Echo Park gangsters stabbed in front of bars we sometimes go to. In a hard world, TV series from when we were tweens are not hard at all. They're soft and funny!

LA Taco is actually known for veering more on the hard side grafitti-wise, but they're not above a good snicker at this “Friend”ly crosswalk jest today (though it's probably been circulating the 'net for a couple weeks now).

Let's do this thing, in its full majesty:

The one and only... Rosswalk.; Credit: LA Taco

The one and only… Rosswalk.; Credit: LA Taco

We actually have no idea where the Rosswalk is located; all that's showing in the background is a sliver of gas-station roofing. If you have any clue, we'd love to know, for curiosity's sake. (Also, is this considered illegal defacing? That would be funny.)

So: In honor of people who take the time to cut out celebrity heads from magazines, create small speech bubbles saying “Dinosaur” and white censorship squares tailor-fit to the CROSSWALK sign font — we devote three seconds of smirk to the Rosswalk today.

Pun well done. Let's not forget the inspiration (filmed in L.A.!):

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