It's finally here. The food collaboration you didn't know you were missing out on — streetwear and chicken & waffles — is hitting L.A., thanks to clothing brand Popular Demand. The young and hungry (in more ways than one) L.A.-based streetwear label, known in, let's say, more youthful circles as a proprietor of hip and casual clothing, has managed to score one of the year's biggest collaborations, with Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

While the idea of urban-inspired clothing lines collaborating with other brands in out-of-the-box ways is nothing new, Popular Demand's ability to wrangle the name and swooping Roscoe's logo for a limited edition capsule collection is certainly a feat. In the nearly four decades since Roscoe's has been putting fried chicken on top of waffles, this is the first time the nationally recognized local chain has put their name on someone else's product.

So what exactly does a streetwear capsule collection involve, especially when one half of the creative team is a chicken & waffles joint? There's a hat for one, a popular snap-back look with red leather brim and that stylish Roscoe's name across the front. Under the bill, in big cascading letters, are the words LOS ANGELES, as if there were any doubt about where to find Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

Beyond that, the two teams paired up for a simple white t-shirt, stamped with Popular Demand's off-kilter flag logo, but with waffle bits replacing the stars and stripes.The result is a sort of hungry mashup of contexts, where the patriotic flag sensibility has been replaced with big, hearty waffle parts, and the whole image is skewed just so. It's hard to make out the full shape at first glance, though the component parts — those golden brown waffles — are easily identified, because everyone knows what waffles look like. They look delicious. And to cap off the limited $100 box (only 80 are being sold), there's even a small bottle of maple syrup included. Not bad.

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Now, is a waffle-logo'd t-shirt and Roscoe's hat worth $100? That depends on your personal style, penchant for buying food-related clothing items and wish to be part of the in-crowd. If all three of those stars align for you, try grabbing one of the few dozen collection boxes before they're gone. After that, you'll just have to settle for snagging a late night table at your nearest Roscoe's and letting all the wonderful grease, butter and syrup stain their way to a unique logo on the Hanes Beefy T you walked in wearing.

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