The Roosevelt Hotel might be home to a white hot poolside scene and the celeb hot spot Teddy's bar. But the Hollywood landmark is also illegal as an alien, at least when it comes to its outdoor “supergraphic” advertisements, says the L.A. City Attorney's office.

The City Attorney today announced it has filed a “civil enforcement action” against the Roosevelt as well as Plain Sight Media, Inc. for the allegedly illicit ads stretched across the street-facing sides of the building.

Not only are the ads against city law, says the City Attorney's office, but they also …

… could trap tourists should a fire break out at the hotel, as some of them constitute barriers to otherwise escape-worthy windows. They could also prevent ventilation in the event of a fire, the office states.

The hotel is already “currently on probation for failing to maintain the hotel's fire warning system.”

(Note to Aunt Martha: Don't stay at this hotel when you come to L.A.).

The City Attorney's statement:

… Since at least 2008, the signs were erected and maintained without required permits, approvals and inspections, constituted public nuisances and were in violation of the City's Zoning, Building and Fire Codes.

The damage? The targets of the suit could see fines of $5,000 per day per sign.


LA Weekly