Ronboy gets Idles: L.A.-based singer-songwriter on the rise Ronboy told us about her Idles experience.

Ronboy: Idles’ ‘Mr. Motivator’ has been a favorite pump up jam since it was released. Afraid of needles but getting the jab? ‘YOU CAN DO IT.’ Afraid of needles but want a tattoo? ‘YES YOU CAN.’ Made a phone call that felt like a big deal but wasn’t? ‘WOOOOO.’

Idles toured through Los Angeles for a few shows at the Fonda right before releasing ‘Crawler’ last November. I had never seen them in concert. I rallied three friends and hopped over to Hollywood in time to catch their support band, Gustaf- could talk forever on how sick they are. Then enter Idles.

Joe has a way of communicating we’re all here to rage but take care of each other. Throw fists but not at the expense of someone taking a hit. The band dove into two hours of unending tuneage. The pit became a tornado during ‘The Wheel.’ I can’t lie, I was watching from the balcony.

There was this young kid with her parents in front of me, she was maybe eight. The whole show she was pumping her fists along to the music. I can still see her thrashing to ‘The Beachland Ballroom.’ It gave me this incredible sense of optimism. I left feeling sheer joy, in disbelief of the energy level and showmanship these five have every single second on stage.

Ronboy gets Idles: Ronboy’s debut album Pity to Love is out now.


















































































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