Updated at the bottom: Cops reportedly confiscated marijuana plants from King's home.

Rodney King's fiancee is reportedly saying the 47-year-old was smoking weed before his death yesterday morning.

But don't blame it on the marijuana just yet.

While cannabis is a depressant, Cynthia Kelley also told friends, according to TMZ, that he had been drinking — a lot.

King had a long and troubled relationship with …

… alcohol, the most depressant drug of them all.

And some observers noted last night that King was a swimmer who was even known to go surfing. So how did he drown in his own pool in suburban Rialto?

Kelley said that he had been drinking and smoking all day — reportedly — and that he woke her up at 5 a.m.

She told friends, according to TMZ, he was banging on a window before she heard a splash and found him at the bottom of his pool after 5 a.m.


The San Bernardino County coroner's office is scheduled to complete an autopsy by Tuesday.

[Update at 5:32 p.m.]: As coroner's officials announced the autopsy was done but that conclusions wouldn't be reached until toxicology (e.g. drug) tests came back in four to six weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported that cops pulled marijuana plants from King's yard as possible evidence.

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