City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo got slammed by voters in his last run for California Attorney General, losing to the “old man,” as twenty-somethings call Attorney General Jerry Brown. Now, City News Service says he is thinking of trying again.

Brown, of course, was a comeback king who pulled the crappy city of Oakland together (somewhat) as mayor, living in that cool loft built in the former hardware department of an old Sears store with his wife Anne Gust, and cracking down on Oakland's crime and street filth.

Delgadillo's legacy is kind of different. His team of L.A. city attorneys

created the disastrous billboard settlement, which caved in, entirely,

to the unwanted digital billboard industry — and we still do not know

why Delgadillo cut that strange backroom deal.

His team also cooked up the

bizarre loophole that allowed an explosion in medical marijuana storefronts

near L.A. schools, parks and homes. No other California city made such a huge

error in its medical marijuana codes. (In both of these blunders,

neither the Los Angeles City Council or Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

understood what they were approving.) Then there were the numerous ethics problems.

And recently there was Rocky's weird granting of lifetime “tenure” jobs to his aides, which will now cost taxpayers a fortune to “work around” so that incoming City Attorney Carmen Trutanich can hire his own staff and not get stuck with Rocky's staff. It makes you wonder about newly elected 5th District Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz and his judgement, that he snapped up Rocky's chief of staff Richard Llewellyn, who was intimately involved in Rocky's messes.

What will Rocky's campaign ads look like? Suggestions?

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