Best for anxious lovers: a harmonious, supportive Venus-Mars
trine in reality-based, touchy-feely earth signs. Best for astrophysicists and
talk-show hosts: a Mercury-sun conjunction in electromagnetic, eclectic Aquarius,
the sign where new (and people-pleasing) ideas are generated. Enjoy every good
thing about this week, because on the 27th, when the creative sun opposes karmic
Saturn at the same time that the off-the-charts, ephemeral Jupiter-Neptune square
is exact, mere days before the Lunar Year of the Dog begins, there'll be
some changes made.


Both beautiful people and brainy ones make themselves available this week as romantic
Venus rewards your Mars ruler, while Mercury and the inventive Aquarius sun beam
fresh ideas your way. Although you may recently have been in a similarly advantageous
position, it probably came with restrictions or distractions, e.g., the holidays
that had to be dealt with before you could set your agenda for the New Year in
motion. But if Venus' many attractions don't get in the way of work,
you could see progress before the month ends.


It's not an automatic slam-dunk, but while your sensual Venus ruler and
passionate Mars in your sign are locked in a no-nonsense earth trine, there could
be a lot more loving to your love life. Meanwhile, the magnetic appeal of this
relationship might get stiff competition from the conflict between spiritual Neptune
and expansive Jupiter. A partner or a parent may be facing a crisis of faith or,
more likely, feel they're being martyred. Even if you want to come to the
rescue, there isn't much you can do. That moment has passed.


Not all Twins spend January contemplating their financial future, but for those
who do, good news. You're likely to gather more information than even your
inquiring mind demands when your Mercury ruler and the Aquarius sun merge on the
26th. While Gemini is known for being curious, versatile and well-read, Aquarius
is the air sign most attuned to what's coming next. Water-Bearer energy
will help you envision what needs to be done to prepare for that eureka moment.
So during Mercury's transit, try a few more experiments.


Until the new moon on the 29th introduces a new cycle that the Moon Child will
ride for the next four weeks, you'll do well to continue on the path that
opened up as 2006 began. Just keep in mind that this week, partners and peers
could come on strong, both to you and to each other, because willing Venus and
horny Mars are on exceptionally friendly terms. The sexual attraction might not
last very long; however, it's likely to re-appear at the end of March, when
Venus and Mars again form a rewarding trine. Oh, the ethics of it all!


Every winter, while your sun ruler visits Aquarius and opposes your natal Leo
planets, you could be subjected to a crisis of confidence or a fit of depression
aggravated by a lack of sunlight. But now that Saturn, the sternest of taskmasters,
lends its stamina to your sign, you needn't sacrifice any of the pussycat's
nine lives. This week, you may even be willing to learn the karmic lesson Saturn
needs to teach and get it over with. Allies and antagonists carry more weight
while the sun and vocal Mercury congregate in your house of significant others.


Your interests, eclectic as they may be, could settle on novelties, pioneers and
eccentrics while your Mercury ruler transits independent Aquarius until February
8. Plus, when Mercury meets the sun in your house of creativity on the 26th, you
may get the one truly brilliant idea that'll change your life for good.
However, an opposition from pragmatic, productive Saturn the next day should keep
future plans within the realm of reality. A bit of a downer, maybe, but an effective
antidote to the intellectual spin you're in.


The current state of your household, along with childhood memories, can account
for the feelings that erupt, the realizations that emerge this week. Eventually
they'll have positive results, but you shouldn't dwell on them while
your amiable Venus ruler and adventurous Mars are in a compatible and rewarding
trine relationship. No matter who calls the truce, make sure you use this interval
to achieve the results you desire. Be it a new rug for the living room or a languorous
and luxurious lovemaking session.


Two separate but equally seductive currents may suck you in (and take you further
out than you expected). First there's the chance to take part in an intense
romantic encounter. The supportive relationship between your sexy Mars co-ruler
and magnetic Venus is always tempting and somewhat familiar; you've been
there before. However, the first of three challenging squares between growth-oriented
Jupiter in your sign and visionary Neptune in Aquarius may finally present the
life-changing occasion you've been dying (so to speak) to rise to.


Read for Scorpio. Few things inspire an Archer to aim higher than contact between
your enthusiastic Jupiter ruler and idealistic, artistic Neptune. So while they
are engaged in a provocative square aspect – off and on until September
– you'll have opportunities to discover just how far faith and artistry
can take you, and also to deal with the discrepancy between the airbrushed image
and the down-and-dirty actuality. Meanwhile, planetary activity in progressive
Aquarius could awaken an interest (financial?) in recent scientific advances.


Your chances of having a relatively uncomplicated love affair haven't been
this good in a long time; so, if you're able and willing, don't waste
precious time weighing the pros and cons. It'll be many years until receptive
Venus in your sign forms as rewarding a relationship with sexy Mars in your Taurus
house of romance and recreation. But if you already have a partner – in
life, business, even tennis – expect to be bombarded with cogent arguments
when your Saturn ruler is opposed by very vocal Mercury and the Aquarius sun.


Happy birthday. The best or the most long-lasting gift could come from generous
Jupiter in your career midheaven; however, it may take most of the year before
you realize just how fabulous it is. Prosperous Jupiter offers artistic Neptune
in your sign more than one opportunity to expand your sphere of influence in ways
that you've yet to imagine. Although you might get an inkling while perceptive
Mercury and the creative sun merge in your sign this week. Voice your opinion,
follow your intuition, but keep your doubts to yourself.


Read for Aquarius. It's your Neptune ruler (and, by association, you) getting
a chance – more like three chances – to grab for the goodies wealthy
and wise Jupiter is offering this year. There's bound to be effort involved,
but it's more along the lines of stretching your imagination than any significant
physical exertion. Unless carrying a pile of reference books is your idea of working
out. Re: romance. Problematic and not particularly plentiful while restrictive
Saturn has to contend with Aquarian reforms.

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