For a holiday weekend, there's a lot going on, starting
with the first Friday the 13th of 2006. (The second is in October, perfect for
promoting Halloween horror-movie viewing.) Also on Friday, a potentially romantic
liaison between the sun and sociable (and social-climbing) Venus retrograde in
Capricorn that should set the tone for the shenanigans, celebrations and commemorations
to come. A full moon in Cancer, the water sign ruled by the moon, is exact early
Saturday morning, but the emotional tides and tears will ebb and flow all weekend
long. Sunday could be special in more ways than a playoff team might imagine.
Mars in Taurus, representing the athletes, and Jupiter in Scorpio, for the owners
and gamblers, perfect their challenging opposition early in the day. But any expansion
(Jupiter) of militancy (Mars) can be newsworthy. Monday, with its kingly Leo moon,
is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But it's not until Wednesday, during their
square aspect, that Neptunian ideals are tested by Martian priorities. Aquarius
begins Thursday night.


The full moon this weekend could make it crystal clear that you're at a
crossroads, and that what you currently have your heart set on might not produce
the results you expect. Because your headstrong Mars ruler in your Taurus money
house is testing Jupiter's promise of prosperity, you may allow a third
element, personified by glamorous Neptune, to determine your course of action.
However, if you can put off any either/or decisions for another week, you could
come out of this tricky situation with both pride and profit margin intact.


This Friday the 13th might go down as your very own red-letter day, because the
constructive Capricorn sun and your appreciative Venus ruler join forces to accomplish
whatever you want done. After re-evaluating (Venus is retrograde until February
3) what'll work and what won't, state your case. Writers and visual
artists are especially favored midweek while expressive Mercury and Venus are
on the same wavelength. However, try not to let hotheaded Mars in your sign call
(or fire) the shots this weekend. Passion, yes; police, no.


Two times a year, your finances come under intense scrutiny, i.e., when the Cancer
and Capricorn full moons illuminate your money zones. Since this week your Mercury
ruler is favored by planets (and people) in the pragmatic, down-to-earth signs
of Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, you're likely to follow their advice.
However, the coupling of Mercury and affectionate Venus in your house of sex and
other people's money (hardly an annual event!) suggests that although safety
may be a consideration, it shouldn't get in the way of romance.


Ready or not, Crabs get to sidle into the spotlight this weekend. Count on the
first full moon of the new year in Cancer to present an occasion where a Moon
Child can be viewed in your natural, adorable state. But not to worry: Affectionate
Venus, eloquent Mercury and the authoritarian sun have banded together in your
Capricorn house of allies to cheer you on. It's time to come out of your
shell and step up to the plate so that past, present and future partners can see
how you'll fit into their plans for 2006.


While your sun ruler transits tradition-bound Capricorn, you could be surrounded
by even more pomp and circumstance than the Lion king is used to. But while Sol
spends the holiday weekend in Venus' magnetic field, will Leos gladly abdicate
their exalted position for a shot at romance, even if it's with a co-worker
or underling? This pleasurable a union with the goddess of love and beauty is
not that common an event, so make the most of a special occasion, and try to sidestep
any conflict between a career obligation and the promise of domestic bliss.


It might not come as a surprise to anyone who has been tracking your progress,
but when your Mercury ruler and seductive Venus finally hook up in your house
of fun and romance over the long weekend, the flirting stage of courtship could
reach its natural conclusion. Feel free to blame the empathetic, emotional Cancer
full moon for providing a tempting backdrop and to thank at least one acquaintance
for running interference. Or you could focus on making exceptionally clever remarks
while Jupiter tosses pearls of wisdom your way.


As long as your Venus ruler remains retrograde, you could replay events and emotions
that first surfaced in December. Because the Cancer full moon this weekend highlights
your love life as well as your reputation, try to keep a reasonably low profile.
However, while artistic Venus and the creative, take-care-of-business Capricorn
sun merge, there's precious little you can't accomplish, especially
around the house. Since generous Jupiter in your money house is being tested,
be prepared to spend whatever it takes to get exactly what you want.


You might be exceptionally lucky this weekend, because Jupiter, ruler of good
faith and good fortune, in your sign is energized by both your passionate Mars
co-ruler and idealistic Neptune. Make sure you realize the full potential of whatever
opportunities come your way before opting for one or the other. Although it may
not be as rewarding in the long run, the sociable sun-Venus hookup on Friday could
make you quite popular with your neighbors, schoolmates and online pen pals. Also
good for sales.


Read for Scorpio. While your Jupiter ruler is receiving so much attention, you
might, too. Although the results may not be immediately apparent, the long-term
effect of what happens this weekend can carry over until Jupiter enters your sign
in October. But right now it may be necessary to concentrate on how you feel about
a financial matter, whether it's as attractive as the sun-Venus conjunction
would suggest or whether you'd be better off waiting until value- and beauty-conscious
Venus comes out of retrograde in February.


Embraceable you. While loving and lovable Venus gets together with the life-sustaining
sun this weekend, no sign is more popular, more highly valued, than yours. Play
the attraction for all it's worth – the goddess will hang out in Capricorn
territory until March 5 before moving on. Mercury is also at your disposal; use
it to direct your thoughts to and through the proper channels and to help write
your manifesto and/or romantic comedy. The Cancer full moon practically ensures
that you'll have your partner's full attention as well.


Your fondest dreams and schemes could come under scrutiny this week as ambitious
Mars in pragmatic Taurus tests their validity and protective Jupiter in suspicious
Scorpio questions their feasibility. Years of living with imaginative, impressionable
Neptune in your sign may have colored your view of the real world – a reality
show it ain't! Since this full-moon weekend is also when any conflict between
your home life and your career might reach a breaking point, try to be a bit more
flexible, at least until the Aquarius new-moon cycle kicks in.


This is the week when casual friends, especially the Goats and Bulls, may actually
come through for you. So, if you were hesitant before, now you don't have
to sugarcoat your request or feel you have to cut a deal with the devil. At the
same time, a delicate, even a tentative romantic situation can bloom under the
light of the nurturing Cancer full moon. Remember: Don't let the emotional
support offered during peak water-sign periods, like this one, slip by without
making at least a feeble effort to use it to achieve your goal.

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