We're off to a fresh start this weekend courtesy of the farsighted Sagittarius new moon on the 1st. But don't you dare move ahead with all due speed while the sun favors cautious Saturn Friday and retrograde Mercury prepares to turn direct Saturday evening. You know the drill: Be extra careful on the days just before and after the Messenger flips. Sunday sends its own mixed message as militant Mars, retrograde in Taurus, opposes diplomatic Jupiter in secretive Scorpio. Will you forge a truce or expand your sphere of influence? Next Thursday Mars stops dead in its tracks before going direct on Friday. More changes.


Yes, there's an upside to the stressful confrontation between your ambitious Mars ruler and growth-oriented Jupiter this weekend. And that would be a sizable infusion of money and enthusiasm. Why now? Because Mars is about to come out of retrograde and face forward for the first time in 10 weeks. Your financial future could look more promising, filled with interesting possibilities and/or strong-willed partners you're not able to control. To complicate matters, a family or a real estate issue may be added to the mix.


Like the Ram, the Bull could experience a reversal of fortune when self-absorbed Mars in your sign emerges from retrograde and takes another look at an opportunity offered by prosperous Jupiter in your house of allies and agents. What didn't seem easy to pull off at their first confrontation in June, may have become a more feasible proposition in the interim. But you should probably wait until you see what happens during the full moon on the 15th, when your Venus ruler enters altruistic Aquarius, before agreeing to proceed with any deal.


A reward that's long overdue just might come through while the sun favors slow-poke Saturn in luxury-loving Leo. Since the stop-go rhythm of this holiday season can exasperate a fleet-of-foot Gemini with a long list of things to do and people to greet, take a deep breath and a time out. Around the Gemini full moon, whatever is trivial and incidental could get culled from that list so that you'll be able focus on a few meaningful relationships. But not exclusively; affectionate Venus in barrier-breaking Aquarius will be tending to your erotic well-being.


If your career has been on hold while ambitious Mars was in reverse for the past 10 weeks, relax. The red planet turns direct on the 9th. Besides, Mercury finally moving forward in your house of romance, recreation and creativity should boost your efforts in that area as well. If nothing else, there's a good chance people will return your calls. Whether the Messenger helps you channel the next great screenplay is something else. You'll know more after the Gemini full moon on the 15th lets you know if it's time to call in a favor.


Call it a gift from the spirited Sagittarius sun or simply the holiday season. This time of year all Lions, not just those doing standup, have license to kill. You'll also wow fellow partygoers with your unique sense of sharing and clever repartee. Former heartthrobs are liable to show up about now; however, with loving Venus in your Aquarius marriage house this season, they could be a lot more attentive, perhaps inexplicably irresistible. Play games, play host and let your creative urges run rampant during the sociable Gemini full moon mid-month.


Once your Mercury ruler sets its sights on the future instead of the recent past, it should be relatively smooth sailing for you, your close neighbors and siblings for the rest of the year. Oh, there may be some confusion and a moment of panic mid-month as the mutable Sag sun and the mutable Gemini moon oppose, but any perceived threat to down-to-earth Virgo sense and stability will soon vanish. Instead, try to repair a relationship that has suffered some damage since last Christmas or, failing that, fix up the house.


By now you may sense that the atmosphere at home or among other family members will lighten up once your Venus ruler leaves the confines of duty-driven Capricorn mid-month. Sorry, wishful thinking! Although Venus does escape into airy, innovative Aquarius for a while, the goddess of love and lovely presents will turn retrograde on Christmas Eve and, come New Year's, reenter Capricorn for two more months. Accept that some of what you've just gone through will have to be gone through again. With a few variations, of course, but still . . .


Good fortune comes in cycles. Over the course of two years, as your Mars ruler circles the sun, you get opportunities to benefit from various sources and different signs. But it's only once every 12 years that you are blessed by Jupiter's visit to Scorpio. So if something that smacks of intelligent development plus the potential for prosperity and satisfaction is being offered, don't dismiss it out of hand. The prospect may demand more of you than you've been willing to devote, but that will change. Jupiter wants you to reach your full potential.


Feel your pulse racing and your toes twitching as you approach your birthday? Planning something special this year or do you have the foresight to wait until next year? By then your Jupiter ruler will be in your own sign, not hidden away in secretive Scorpio where you can barely recognize the benefits being bestowed. Oh well, it's probably safe to assume that the Big Guy is cleaning up some of the karma you've incurred over the past 12 years. This week Jupiter confronts infectious, surgical Mars in your house of work and health. Ring a bell?


Civilizations rise and fall on the interaction between expansive Jupiter and your conservative Saturn ruler. Why is this worth mentioning? Because mid-month, after the full moon and affable Venus' hasty exit from your sign – don't worry, she'll be back – Jupiter and Saturn will perfect their first challenging square since they met in Taurus in May 2000. Jupiter is currently in Scorpio, while slower-moving Saturn got as far as Leo. In fixed signs, they'll try to consolidate what began back then, but don't panic. You've got another year.


Believe what you want; while the enthusiastic Sagittarius sun supports visionary Neptune in your sign, you may as well let your imagination call the shots. Soon enough artistic Venus will visit Aquarius and make the holidays brighter and more beautiful. That you'll look better and exude more grace and charm is also nothing to sneeze at. Plan something special around the Sag-Gemini full moon mid-month to celebrate the arrival of the goddess of love and good luck. Unfortunately, she's not staying long, but she'll be back in March.


Other signs have time to play, you get more to do and better rewards for doing it during the holidays. The only hitch in this potentially smooth ride to the top could come during the mutable Sagittarius sun-Gemini moon opposition when high-strung and mobile folks head for your door. Being a compassionate Fish, you'll tend to absorb the vibes they're emitting without first protecting yourself. Let this be the only lesson you're supposed to learn from the challenging square between your former Jupiter ruler and sad-sack Saturn.

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