OCT. 26 – Nov. 1, 2007
The full moon Thursday night takes place in Taurus, the sensual
and sensible earth sign that emphasizes/exalts Luna's receptivity. Under
these sensitive circumstances, you're liable to overreact to the change
of heart you experience while loving Venus confronts disruptive Uranus that day.
Best to discuss it on Friday, when Mercury trades secrets with sexy Pluto. If
you wait until Saturday and the long moon void, nothing will be resolved. Too
much tension during the Gemini moon on Sunday won't help either. But the
Cancer moon void on Halloween shouldn't interfere with the festivities.
Fanciful Neptune turns direct on that day; Mercury turns direct on the next.


Working for the man might not be the drag you anticipate. With so many unpredictable
elements at play this week, you're likely to have a good time interacting
with the rest of the crew, especially if you're all on to something new.
Just don't be reckless; Venus and Jupiter, the planets bestowing good fortune,
can spread it on pretty thick while they're aligned. However, idiosyncratic
Uranus in your Pisces house of karmic payback might throw a monkey wrench into
the mix. If you don't come away any richer, for sure you'll come away


Maybe it's highway robbery or maybe the deal you forge with a loved one
will be worth the cost. Affectionate Venus doesn't abandon your house of
romance and recreation until November 8, giving you sufficient time to find out
if the extravagant gesture you make this weekend paid off. You should also be
aware that visionary Neptune turns direct in your career midheaven on Wednesday,
a change in perspective that can affect not only your work, but your entire Halloween
experience. Is that a zombie? Who's the witch?


Twins are often put on alert when your Mercury ruler is about to turn retrograde;
well, the warning also applies to the days before the Messenger faces forward
again. That moment will take place on November 1 in the middle of All Saints'
and Day of the Dead celebrations. So, whether you're going to church or
buying sugar skulls, try to keep your mind focused on what you're doing
and, more importantly, keep your eyes on the road. You'll be glad you avoided
another fender-bender and the ensuing, interminable insurance hassles.


Is the cavalry really coming? June Crabs may benefit from a friendly and determined
Scorpio sun shining light on a long-standing financial matter. Will it be resolved
before Mercury turns direct on the 1st or will you have to wait until mid-November,
when the Messenger is back in Scorpio? Crabs born around Independence Day have
been dealing with an inventive but unpredictable Uranus in Pisces for over a year.
Now that take-action Mars is in your sign, are you about to take the next step?
Maybe not; Mars goes retrograde on 11/15, a week before Uranus turns direct.


Despite the hardships and the hard work, Saturn's trip through your sign
over the past two years has left you in a more stable position than before. This
week, as your sun ruler makes its first positive aspect to Saturn in Virgo, you
may see evidence of that stability, perhaps add more substance to what you've
built for yourself. Meanwhile, ephemeral Neptune in your Aquarius house of partners
turns direct after a retrograde session that began around Memorial Day. Is it
time to take the beautiful dreamer seriously?


The secret could pertain to a family member, maybe to a real estate transaction.
No matter: As your retrograde Mercury ruler digs deeper into the past, you're
bound to find out something you needed to know. Whether by choice or by circumstance,
chances are you'll postpone acting on the information until Mercury turns
direct and confirms what you found out. Meanwhile, you may have to dance around
something more disturbing than the occasional awkward moment. Surely, you'll
be gracious; with well-mannered Venus in Virgo, you can't help but be.


Go ahead, lean on a friend's shoulder; ask the support group for support.
You might not get what you want, but you may get what you need. Reaching too far
for too much is typical behavior whenever your Venus ruler and expansive Jupiter
form one of their challenging squares. Their latest temptation probably comes
via a neighbor, your sibling or the Net. Just remind yourself that no matter how
attractive the bait, you don't have to bite. It's that kind of week;
because impressionable Neptune is changing direction, it's easy to be fooled.


An assortment of activities this week, most of them positive, but there's
a chance that when Neptune comes out of retrograde, a dubious matter at home may
change. If you've been going back and forth over a situation – some
might call it a problem – that's been left hanging, Neptune's
about-face can tip the balance one way or the other. That doesn't mean your
decision will be cast in stone, but it could serve as a makeshift solution until
Valentine's Day, when the Aquarius sun shines its light.


When you're not being your usual world-wise, weary self, the Centaur could
get caught up in a whirlwind of good intentions, the stuff the road to hell is
purported to be paved with. Such is the case this week. While your enthusiastic
Jupiter ruler forms a positive alignment with spiritual Neptune, there's
no end to the glories you'll envision, the happy endings you'll create
for yourself. Poets, priests, the odd politician might actually prosper –
intellectually rather than financially – if they can remain encased in this
idealistic bubble.


Render unto Caesar whatever belongs to the Big Guy, but know in your heart that
Mercury, even though it's retrograde, is still relaying messages from the
gods. If you've been confused, or been given conflicting information, during
the three weeks the Messenger spent revising what you thought was true, take comfort
in the fact that as of November 1, retrograde will be over. Nonetheless, it may
take a few more weeks to get back to the place you were at when Mercury flipped
into reverse and feel comfortable again.


It all depends on what you had going when artistic Neptune turned retrograde in
your sign just before Memorial Day. If the progress you were making came to a
dramatic halt at that time, you'll be glad to learn that Neptune will be
facing forward again on October 31. You can soon expect to pick up where you left
off. If nothing much was going on until retrograde directed you back to an interesting
period in your past, then you might be sad when that visit comes to an end. Either
way, Halloween 2007 should be memorable.


Again, you're on a similar track to Aquarius', so read for your neighbor
to flesh out the forecast. The big difference is that the stops and starts attributed
to your Neptune ruler's retrogression are happening on a cosmic level, unless
you've been incarcerated, in rehab or on a retreat during the past five
months. For an academic Fish, a summer sabbatical would fill the bill. However,
Mercury's turnaround on 11/1 affects an altogether different realm, one
where checks are written and dividends are paid.

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