Dec. 21-27, 2007
Who is Hillary Clinton? A solar Scorpion (10/26/47) with Gemini
rising, which would account for the duality of her voting history? Or a Scorpio
with three planets, Chiron and her ascendant in that powerful sign? Was she born
around 8 p.m., as she said, or in the morning, as her mother said? We do know
that, either way, her moon is in late Pisces and that she has the three “malevolent”
planets, Mars, Pluto and Saturn, in “born to rule” Leo. Barack Obama
(8/4/61) is a solar Leo with Scorpio rising and a moon in early Gemini. His natal
Pluto and Mars, the co-rulers of Scorpio, are in Virgo, the sign that Saturn,
the planet that governs the government, is currently transiting. The Hillary with
Scorpio rising has the same degree of Virgo in her midheaven as Obama's
Pluto, plus her progressed Mars is also there. Could it be that when push comes
to shove, they are basically the same creature?


Make nice with the neighbors, the siblings too. If you're feeling defensive
– a distinct possibility while your usually ballsy Mars ruler is retrograde
in domesticated Cancer – you might think they're ganging up on you.
Perhaps they are simply bombarding you with too much attention and holiday cheer?
Since Mercury, the sun and Jupiter in Capricorn are opposing the rarely vulnerable
Warrior god, the issues that cropped up between you might come to a head, especially
around the Cancer-Capricorn full moon on Sunday.


It's possible for the Bull to bypass the tension generated by a long-standing
financial matter that is testing some of the values you hold dear, or used to.
Focus instead on a significant other and the heights you imagine can be reached
when your romantic Venus ruler in your Scorpio marriage house opens up to Neptune's
exquisite aesthetic this weekend. Better to make divine art and love than to quibble
about who owes what to whom. But if you've been champing at the bit for
a fight… this would be a good time.


As we approach the winter solstice and the Cancer full moon, remember that, thanks
to your Mercury ruler, you are currently the leader of the pack of Capricorn planets.
What actually happens to you and what you sense is in the wind are what the rest
of us will experience before the New Year. Whether you broadcast the news or keep
it between you and a partner is one of those choices Gemini Twins are constantly
asked to make. Just know that any friction you encounter Saturday can be resolved
on Christmas Day, when Mercury and Saturn align in pragmatic earth signs.


The sensitive Moon Child is liable to overreact to other people's vibrations
this week. Try to have an emotional cushion, e.g., a clearheaded co-worker's
advice, to fall back on if the forces gathering in your Capricorn complement zero
in on cocky Mars, currently retrograde in your sign. However, because the Warrior
isn't looking ahead, launching any sort of offense might not be your best
defense. Add the annual Cancer full moon so close to the solstice points on Sunday,
and June Crabs may feel that they are carrying the weight of the world on their
shoulders. Not so much for July birth dates.


A legitimate power trip is yours for the taking. Just be sure that you direct
the enormous infusion of planetary energy bestowed on you for the good. On one
hand, the merger of your sun ruler and manipulative Pluto can bring about a resurrection
of sorts or it could drag you down to the hell Pluto presides over. On the other
hand, the sun's conjunction with magnanimous Jupiter the day after the winter
solstice may blow the best of intentions way out of proportion. By Christmas Eve,
macho Mars and the Cancer full moon insist that a decision be made.


Since your Mercury ruler is leading the herd of Capricorn goats, you might get
news of what's coming up for Christmas week. Check out the possible impact
these events could have on your cultural heritage and your career success. Like
a two-box set, this time of year those areas of your life are inexorably tied
together. In your thank-you speech, be sure to acknowledge Mercury for sensing
which way the Winds of War are blowing. The Messenger confronts militant Mars
in family-oriented Cancer on Christmas Eve. A peaceful overture follows.


Play the peace card. There are enough conflicting viewpoints currently on the
table, especially among the Goats, Rams and Crabs. The cardinal energy of Libra
needn't contribute to the holiday tension. Better to identify with your
affectionate Venus ruler and the pleasures you can bring to the other Libras in
your life, the Aquarians and Pisces too. Although romantic Venus is in your Scorpio
money house, the gifts that resonate will reflect the ephemeral values you treasure.
Still, a gemstone couldn't hurt.


More power and glory for you as the Sagittarius sun illuminates your forceful
Pluto co-ruler before winter officially begins. However, despite its being retrograde
in maternal Cancer, it's your Mars co-ruler that is commanding the lion's
share of attention this Christmas. Either way, you're in the spotlight,
but so is your financial picture. If you need to stay under the radar, you'd
best hide out in church or in bed. And don't forget that magnetic Venus
is still in Scorpio, attracting more people to your fan base. Oh, the Adoration!


The last hurrah could sound when the sun conjuncts Pluto at the tail end of Sagittarius
on the 20th. But it probably won't. There's a good chance that the
merger of the Capricorn sun with your fortuitous Jupiter ruler on the 22nd will
bring more blessings than anyone anticipates. Is that all there is? Not quite.
The tenderhearted Cancer full moon on the 23rd could expose a range of emotions
that, so far, you've managed to submerge. Followed by the second of three
oppositions between fiery Mars and fiery Jupiter on Boxing Day that can pump you
back up.


Goats born in January can have a merry enough Christmas, but they won't
receive their real presents until Jupiter progresses further into Capricorn. Meanwhile,
they could get word this week of what's to come, because speedy Mercury,
as the leader of the pack, is moving fast. However, those of you born in December
are lined up like ducks in a row for a series of truly memorable events, thanks
to the most fortunate marriage of the sun and lucky Jupiter, with maybe a hit
from passionate Mars in your Cancer complement.


Be thankful that you're more or less oblivious to what's being stirred
up by so much planetary interaction this week. Instead, you can focus on the ethereal
instead of the material. Idealistic Neptune in your sign is not on the best terms
with Venus, so what you do receive may be more pleasing to the spirit than to
the eye. A word of warning: Venus in Scorpio at the top of your chart suggests
that a woman who could be crucial to your career or a female who's prominent
in your family won't be as amenable as you hope.


Whatever exuberant highs provided by the monthlong Sagittarian fire you may have
enjoyed are fading fast. Instead, Fish should turn to the Capricorn sun's
steady glow for warmth and comfort. Just know that along with winter there comes
a host of stressful situations exacerbated by the domestic Cancer full moon and
cantankerous Mars opposing the executivelike Capricorn planets. In other words,
don't invite your clients into your kitchen. To be completely on the safe
side, hide out under the covers until Mr. Claus has left the building.

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