A crisis of sorts jump-starts the holiday weekend as militant
Mars in Sagittarius challenges disruptive Uranus in Pisces, a prognosis for disaster
that falls too close to the anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami to ignore. Make
lots of winter-solstice magic, bring in the light. Christmas Eve feels stable
(no pun intended) as traditional Saturn and Mercury form a supportive trine in
heartfelt fire signs. Mercury merging with Pluto on Christmas Day can be a sign
that meaningful change, a positive transformation, is in the cards. Peace on Earth?
I think not. Mercury moves into Capricorn, joining the sun and Venus, on Wednesday.
Back to business as usual.


Clear some time in your busy weekend for a supersize surprise! Not a Christmas
miracle, more like a visit from someone with a history of skewing the smooth trajectory
of your life. This character may be incredibly talented, borderline brilliant,
but when it comes to interacting with you, the experience often turns out to be
unexpectedly expensive. Fond memories of wild sex notwithstanding, at this stage
of your rock-steady life, think twice before becoming involved again with such
a mighty force for change.


Remind yourself: This year, Bulls can pretty much skate through the holidays without
hitting a rough spot in the ice. Your Venus ruler is so well-situated in the Capricorn
hierarchy that all you may feel like doing is taking your rightful place among
the people who will gladly show you the respect you deserve. This advice will
work for gurus, mentors and teachers, but what if you feel tradition-bound to
spend Christmas with the family? If you're among the guilt-ridden few, consider
having a heart-to-heart talk, one that could unearth the info you need to know.


Communication appears to be the key to a successful Christmas experience. Talk
to each other. It's your Mercury ruler that promises to deliver the best
presents on both the 24th and 25th, but you've got to be willing to discuss
a subject with a neighbor or sibling that, so far, has been taboo. Once that conversation
happens, you'll be free to benefit from Mercury's conjunction with
regenerative Pluto in Sagittarius, an event taking place this year at the Heart
Center of our galaxy. You claim you want a transformation; you're about
to get one.


Someone had to get the warning: If you're traveling this week, be careful.
The difficult square between Mars and Uranus on the 21st could carry over for
a few more days. Since Mars is in your house of health, and “I didn't
see it coming” Uranus is affecting travel and adventure, Cancer is the sign
being notified. Mid-July Crabs are in danger while engaging in recreational activities,
so you guys should be particularly cautious on the slopes. Uranus goes for the
ankles, the body part it rules; bloody Mars prefers the head.


Leos have endured having restrictive Saturn in your sign two Christmases in a
row now. Whether you've lost that famous giving spirit or simply haven't
had the wherewithal to spread the wealth is incidental to the fact that Saturn
is a definite downer. However, there is, if not quite joy, then greater understanding
coming when Mercury the Messenger favors Saturn on Christmas Eve. The next day,
more support this time from passionate Pluto in your house of creativity and romance.
Don't let these seemingly insignificant opportunities slip by; Mercury leaves
simpatico Sag on the 27th.


Get a buddy to help you deflect some of the damage that might be done when unstable
Uranus in your Pisces house of partners is attacked by virulent Mars in your Sagittarian
residence. But if you can't prevent a disaster in the making, you might
want to have that “talk.” Since your Mercury ruler has been nudging
you closer to a fresh start, its conjunction with “tell the truth or face
the consequences” Pluto on Christmas Day could be the catalyst that pushes
you off the fence and over the edge. Not a bad present, a Christmas miracle of


You can enjoy a calm and peaceful Christmas holiday weekend if you ignore a disturbance
created by a lover with an odd sense of humor or a mischievous child with no sense
of decorum whatsoever. Should your precious value system come under attack by
the hit-and-run, topsy-turvy Mars-Uranus square, send the hooligans out to play
to blow off excess steam. Then go about taking care of the business that makes
you happy. Rarely does a Libra relish the pleasure of performing a ritual as much
as when your Venus ruler transits tradition-bound Capricorn.


If you decide that the difficulties you encounter when your Mars co-ruler tests
erratic Uranus can be bought and paid for, then their provocative square aspect
might be exciting, something to dispel the pain of last-minute shopping. But if
this misadventure winds up costing you a lot more than you want to spend, you
might want to discuss the matter in depth. You can discover something you had
no idea you needed to know when curious Mercury cozies up to secretive Pluto,
your other ruling planet, on Christmas Day.


The usual holiday hijinks aside, “malefic” Mars in your sign may cause
quite a bit of trouble when it challenges unpredictable Uranus in your Pisces
home base. Be careful around water, electricity too; this weekend, you're
more accident-prone than usual. And for a clumsy Centaur, that's saying
something. What you have in your favor is a heightened ability to rise like the
mythical phoenix from the crap surrounding you. Learn the many ways to undergo
a transformation during Mercury's merger with reconstructive Pluto on Christmas


Except for a colleague's strange behavior or too many people having “too
much fun” at a company party, there's little standing in the way of
an entirely enjoyable happy birthday and/or holiday celebration. With magnetic
Venus in your sign (but only until January 3), you can't help but be the
person everyone gravitates to. You may also find that you've become everyone's
favorite confidant when your Saturn ruler in your house of other people's
money and chatty Mercury perfect a rewarding trine on Christmas Day. Pay attention
to the info, and the investment tips, passed your way.


Those who have been awaiting word about a partnership matter may have to sit it
out until Christmas Eve. That's when Mercury, the Messenger, completes its
conversation with Saturn in your Leo house of allies and antagonists. Other than
that, not much else is scheduled for the holidays. Oh, except for the brouhaha
that might be laid at your feet around the solstice when your quick-witted Uranus
ruler and aggressive Mars go at it. Get through the tricky square aspect and you
won't have to defend yourself again until spring.


It's still pretty stressful out there, what with four planets in your Sagittarius
midheaven pressing you to take action. The problem to be prepared for shows up
when acidic Mars attacks Uranus in your sign around the solstice. Your reaction
will probably have to be instantaneous, so forewarned is, as always, forearmed.
Hope it's no more serious than a case of indigestion. Favorable news this
weekend about a lasting-much-too-long work or health issue is the present the
gods want you, their favorite sign, to have.

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