August 8 – 14, 2008
Some of us are still reeling, others are recovering from the upsetting opposition earlier in the week between overactive Mars in earthbound Virgo and unpredictable Uranus in emotionally charged Pisces. The Virgo contingent gets additional support on Sunday, when Mercury starts its three-week transit.
Virgo purists have their heyday on Wednesday as Venus, the arbiter of good taste, joins well-manicured hands with Saturn, the avatar of authority. How romantic, how successful, for how long? Until the partial lunar eclipse on the 16th or beyond?


Friends forever or for this summer only? The connection between the folks you're currently hanging with and the fun you're having may be stretched to the limit by the lunar eclipse. While the high-spirited Leo sun in your house of games opposes the group-centric Aquarius full moon and idealistic Neptune, something's gotta give. Let's hope it won't be as serious a test of philosophies as the problematic square between your militant Mars ruler and power-hungry Pluto would indicate. That could be dangerous.


No sloughing off just because it's summer — give the matter sufficient thought. Mercury's move into quality-conscious Virgo, a supportive earth sign, can provide the information that'll help you reach a decision about a romantic or artistic issue you've been deliberating on for a while. Until your Venus ruler merges with stabilizing Saturn midmonth, you might not realize just how important to your long-range happiness this decision is. Although Saturn remains in Virgo until July 2010, Venus leaves at the end of the month.


Too many either/or issues even for the Twins. Tense polarities between the planets focusing on your personal life and those affecting your place in the world could be exhausting. While now may not be the best month for a restorative vacation, take a moment during the full moon/partial lunar eclipse to imagine where you'll go when the time is right. Since the effects of any eclipse can last three months, the right time might be mid-September/ when your Mercury ruler and pleasurable Venus meet in your Libra house of recreation and romance.


If your life was affected by what resulted from the total solar eclipse in Leo on Aug. 1, chances are, the partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th won't be that big a deal. Still, any cosmic event that involves your moon ruler can leave its mark on the areas governed by those signs. For those with Cancer rising, this eclipse would have an impact on your sense of values and valuables, earned income and the resources you share with significant others. Fantasy-prone Neptune in Aquarius may magnify the outcome.


Your turn to curtsy, your partner's turn to bow. Civility and consideration will see you through the highs and lows of the second eclipse of the month. While your sun ruler partially blocks the light of the Aquarius full moon, you may feel even more entitled, more of a force to be reckoned with than ever. Watch out.
Remind yourself about pride, the fall and the amount of crow you'll have to eat before the Virgo new moon on the 30th brings this eventful lunar cycle to a close. Is close attention to money matters paying off yet?


After its annual trip around the zodiac, your Mercury ruler's welcome return to Virgo adds an extra dimension of clarity (not to mention certainty) to your thought process. While the Messenger is teamed up with diligent Saturn in your sign, the hard work you've been doing may finally get recognized. Venus transiting through Virgo this month gives you an artistic edge you occasionally have to forfeit for expediency. So take advantage of the gifts the goddess offers:
popularity, affection, good taste and a lucky break.


So much for clandestine online exchanges and other secrets you've been keeping to yourself. Chances are, you'll come clean when your Venus ruler hooks up with plain-talking, practically paternal Saturn in Virgo on the 13th. And when the Leo sun opposes impressionable Neptune during the Aquarius full-moon eclipse, you should be willing to face the music, especially if accompanied by a mojito or two. Disparate currents drifting through the atmosphere can be distracting until highly motivated Mars enters Libra on the 19th.


It's not the lunar eclipse that'll get to you as much as the problematic square between Mars and Pluto, your co-rulers, that occurs the same day. When aggressive Mars in your house of peer groups tests resourceful Pluto in your Sag money house, you could find yourself at cross-purposes and confused. What'll be your reward for meeting the challenge, and will it be worth the price you'll pay? However, if money isn't an issue, will you have to compromise a value you hold dear to maintain an association that's proved valuable?


Back up your files, check your tires. The full moon occurs in your Aquarius house of communication and commuting, so if you're destined to lose something (bytes, Blackberry or air pressure) during the eclipse, that should be the zone where the damage is done. In addition, mid-December Archers may feel under the gun when targeted by militant Mars in their Virgo career zone. The rest of us are simply trying to placate Saturn, the taskmaster, as he enlists the support of Venus and Mercury, the planets ruling almost everyone we're in contact with.


The same planetary forces are still in place. However, nebulous Neptune in your Aquarius money house may need closer attention, especially during the partial lunar eclipse on the 16th. That's when “things” tend to magically disappear. Despite your Saturn ruler's insistence that you do the best job possible, it's likely that input from Saturn's quickie marriage to romantic Venus will distract you. Try to make some time for yourself, before Mercury's merger with Saturn schedules many meetings and long conversations.


The second eclipse of the month on the Leo-Aquarius axis should make it fairly apparent that you're occupying a front seat in this summer's joyride.
Whether you're also the driving force should be decided after impressionable Neptune in your sign faces the onslaught of attention beamed on it (and you) from the entertainment-oriented Leo sun. Decide once and for all if the image suits you or if you'd rather fade into the background and continue creating your art, undisturbed by other people's ideas of what you should represent.


Although what's going on with you may read like a page from an Aquarian's diary, Fish are also facing whatever Saturn in your Virgo partnership house is planning. As it confers with virtuous, value-conscious Venus and, shortly thereafter, meddlesome Mercury, the architect of authority can inundate you with rules and regulations. How long before you rebel (remember erratic Uranus in your sign?) depends on what follows from the Leo sun's opposition to your elusive Neptune ruler during the Aquarius full moon eclipse. It may take three months to find out.

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