Celebrate Halloween early and often. The dualistic Gemini moon checks in Friday
night and goes void Sunday evening at 5:21 PDT. So the big night itself, while
fine for flying broomsticks and exposing your dark side, might not yield the
results you expect. Appropriately enough, the Day of the Dead dawns with a family-
and food-centered Cancer moon. All Souls' Day falls on November 2, Election
Day. The Cancer moon trines the Scorpio sun that afternoon, while Mercury, the
media maven, trines (favors, supports, rewards) tradition-bound Saturn, also
in Cancer. Mercury, you may recall, figured prominently in the 2000 presidential
election, coming out of retrograde and quickly switching signs. This time it
is direct; however, once again the Messenger is straddling a cusp, going from
Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 4th, which is the day that delusional, fanatic
Neptune is challenged by the Scorpio sun. That's also the day that affable
Venus and lucky Jupiter meet in Libra, close to, but not dead-on, Bush's
natal Chiron-moon-Jupiter stellium in his house of spiritual brothers and sisters.
And you wondered why he's so popular?


Let significant others call the shots, since the tremendous amount of good
fortune heading their way can also be a boon to you. The twice-blessed merger
of loving Venus and protective Jupiter in your Libra house of partnership is
a rare (once or twice every 12 or 13 years) event. Rams born in the first half
of the sign meet Lady Luck this week; those born in mid-April see her next Labor
Day. They should plan accordingly. Everyone could try to be more dip-lomatic.
Mend fences and don't make any more demands.


A cause for celebration, another for misgivings. Two separate, but hardly equal,
energies prescribe your week. First, the good news: Your pleasure-seeking Venus
ruler joins jolly Jupiter in your house of romance and recreation, making for
memorable fun and fooling around. Now the bad: The sun in your Scorpio marriage
house may be mes-merized by Neptune's veil of illusion. Is a close relationship
starting to reek? However, if your mate has a glamorous gig, the deception might
not have an adverse effect on anyone but you.


Spread the word. No matter what your reaction to the election results may be,
you could feel compelled to voice your opinion in any way and to anybody within
reach. Once your Mercury ruler makes the leap out of secretive Scorpio into
Sagittarius on the 4th, broadcasting your version of the truth becomes more
important than ever. But not to worry that you'll overstate your position
and get in trouble. The two “benefics,” Venus and Jupiter in air-sign
friendly Libra, have your back. You might even be rewarded.


Home is where the heart is. Trite but never more true than when affectionate
Venus and expansive Jupiter get together every decade or so at your Libra base
of operations. They offer a renewed attachment to family and cultural roots,
a greater desire to make your house look its best, no matter what the cost.
Just watch out for unexpected weirdness, a sense that a scam is in the works.
Impressionable and often delusional Neptune in your house of shared resources
may entertain an entirely different vision.


You're still riding the money train, thanks to the fortuitous merger of
Venus and Jupiter, the cosmic benefactors, in most Lions' house of assets
and acquisitions. Rake it in while you can, kitties, nothing this good lasts
forever. Leos born in July receive the benefits being doled out in other ways:
greater admiration by siblings and peers, a more prominent presence among the
neighbors, a more luxurious set of wheels. That is, after you've paid the
repair bill. Don't be careless or gullible, either.


Insisting on learning the truth, not the same as gathering the facts, may be
your next cause c??l??bre. After your Mercury ruler enters Sagittarius
on the 4th, you're apt to fixate on a subject that'll carry you into
next year. No kid-ding. Mercury in late Sag turns retrograde at the end of November
and doesn't cross over to Capricorn until January 9. That can turn into
one long, strange trip. Meanwhile, enjoy the goodies you gather courtesy of
the happy coupling this week of Venus and Jupiter in your house of valuables.


Double happiness. You might grow overly confident or take all those compliments
for granted, but that's only be-cause prosperous, protective Jupiter and
your Venus ruler are meeting, for the first time in 12 years, in your sign.
Milk this moment for all it's worth, and, if you're a gambler, it
could be worth a lot. Nothing is quite as lucky as having the two good guys
of the solar system combine their fortunes. September Librans have the best
odds; those born in mid-October cash in next summer.


Assume you're being lied to, especially if you've got a birthday
coming up. Nothing malicious intended, but a de-ception just the same. Pray
it's simply a surprise party in the works, something that won't embarrass
you or an esteemed colleague. You're also likely to become frustrated if
you challenge any authority figure – client, mentor or executive chef.
And while you rarely submit to someone else's agenda, for the sake of maintaining
the peace, try to be a bit more amenable. Smile.


Do you habitually rely on your Jupiter ruler to protect and serve your assorted
causes? Then, by all means, keep it up. Because generous Jupiter is joined by
beneficial Venus this week, your chances of obtaining something you want or
being the chosen one increase appreciably. Their meeting in likable, civilized
Libra suggests that the outside world will take more notice of you. Since that
combination is often a justification for “too much of a good thing,”
try to be-have in a socially acceptable manner. No horsing around.


Election Day results could affect you more than you know. While your pragmatic,
paternal Saturn ruler is un-characteristically receptive to mercurial Mercury's
arguments and fact-finding forays, you might ask questions you normally wouldn't.
Especially of a group you're allied with, colleagues at work and partners
in crime. Or you can just as easily have faith that the openhearted, openhanded
merger of Jupiter and Venus will assuage any fears anddoubts. Cockeyed optimism?


Can you put a happy face on every value, every asset, you share with a loved
one? How effective a spin can you come up with? Post-election results are informed
by two con-tradictory planetary alignments. First there's the intense,
power-crazed Scorpio sun testing your faith, your willingness to believe, when
it squares impressionable Neptune in your sign. Then there's the (overly?)
optimistic merger of megabucks Jupiter and acquisitive Venus (ruler of the NYSE)
in your house of other people's money wishing you good luck.


Another pitch for bucks from an organization you've been lending financial
support to? That's one possible result from the sun's square to your
idealistic Neptune ruler. Another possibility is accepting a challenge to advance
your talent by using other people's resources. And while your inherent
romanticism might be questioned, your confidence gets an enormous boost from
the fortuitous collaboration of Venus and Jupiter, the gods who bestow both
the manna and the money. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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