If you're reading this, you must have survived the nasty prognosis of
the Virgo new moon on the 14th as well as the sun's meeting with militant
Mars on Rosh Hashanah. Shades of the Yom Kippur War! And somehow you're
managing to sidestep the romantic, but utterly delusional, atmosphere created
by the Venus-Neptune opposition this weekend. Although you may be a fool for
love, didn't you say, We won't be fooled again!? But how will you
resist the cockeyed optimism and blind devotion of the prodigiously lucky sun-Jupiter
conjunction at the tail end of Virgo on Tuesday? The merger is an annual event
that, for the next couple of years, will benefit primarily folks born near the
cusp of two signs, any two signs. On Wednesday, the sun crosses into Libra and
autumn officially begins.


Hard work never killed anyone. Repeat your mama's mantra each time you
feel stressed to the breaking point. One more task on your “to do”
list might not be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but Virgo exactitude
can ensure that your anxiety, perhaps a fear of failure, is real enough. Until
your Mars ruler enters harmonious and relatively laid-back Libra on the 26th,
doing the right thing, and doing it to the best of your ability, could become
your main objective. That, plus a few words of endearment.


Bulls tend to respond to the delicious vibe sent out during the annual Venus-Neptune
opposition with a passion usually reserved for imaginative Pisces. Hook a Fish,
and wallow in the illusions the two signs can create, and the delusions that'll
disappoint you. Even if this turns out to be the most romantic month of the
year, being lucky in love won't preclude your winning the lottery. On the
21st, magnanimous Jupiter and the sun merge in your house of risk and romance.
Go ahead, take that chance.


You start to make real progress once your Mercury ruler steps out of the shadow
it cast while it was retrograde last month. Also, with the advent of airy Libra,
a psychological load may lift, plus those picayune demands on your time and
energy will soon be gone. After generous Jupiter enters Libra on the 24th, Twins
are in for a full year of rewards and recognition. Make the most of the opportunities
you're offered between now and Thanksgiving, before Mercury turns retrograde
again and slows you down.


With the arrival of the autumn equinox, your focus turns to home base and family
history. This is usually a comfortable and comforting place for the Crab, but
not without its fair share of problems, particularly while Mars is marching
through that house until Veterans Day. Fortunately, for the next 13 months,
you'll be protected by Jupiter making its once-every-12-year transit of
Libra. The giant planet tends to see the bigger, more expensive picture, so
don't be surprised if you envision yourself movin' on up.


Lions rule. No doubt, but the mighty jungle can become a more hospitable domain
while Venus travels through your sign until October 3. Being this popular, this
attractive, may do wonders for your social life, too. Sudden urges to dress
up and bling out could be justified by the presence of Venus, ruler of taste,
treats and trends, but also by Jupiter's exit from prudent Virgo. Watch
how your spending habits change and your income expands after Mr. Moneybags
settles into Libra.


Possibly the best, most advantageous week of the last 12 years is this one.
Wise and protective Jupiter at the tail end of Virgo merges with the creative,
life-affirming sun to complete the cycle of personal growth and maturity that
began last summer. Make your presentation, advance your theory, send in your
r??sum??. And graciously accept whatever opportunities and accolades
are offered in return. They can lead to a much larger income and a prestigious
success story when lucky Jupiter takes over your Libra money house.


It's almost like being in love. But not exactly. While your romantic Venus
ruler confronts delusional Neptune, you could be handed the biggest bunch of
bull you've encountered all year. The opposition brings a matter that began
around Valentine's Day to a head and insists that it be resolved one way
or another. You can rely on Scorpio and Sag friends supporting your position,
but more importantly, by the 26th, you'll have the aggregate power of the
sun, Mars and Jupiter in your own sign. Unstoppable, unflappable.


Power to the people, especially like-minded colleagues. The shift of the sun,
Jupiter and Mars from critical Virgo to judicious Libra can dramatically affect
your own viewpoint. Your incisive Mars co-ruler will no longer dwell on the
specifics of a situation, but may campaign for a greater measure of fairness,
at least until the election is history. Come Veterans Day, Mars will be in Scorpio
and you'll have more determination and physical energy than you've
had the past two years. But for the present, opt for pleasure.


This year the transition from summer to fall can be much more memorable because
your beneficial Jupiter ruler is joined by the Virgo sun in your career midheaven.
Although their conjunction occurs every year, this particular placement, this
extraordinary example of empowerment, occurs only once every 12 years. Let's
hope your ducks are lined up and that you're prepared to score big-time.
After the sky show shifts into sociable Libra, the pressure to excel eases up.


In the course of the year, as generous Jupiter navigates through your Libra
midheaven, you'll be offered easy access to important people and big, fat
juicy rewards for the jobs you do take on. Having the planet of prosperity overseeing
your career and reputation is relatively rare, so look at each opportunity that
arises over the next 13 months as a better-than-average chance to hit the jackpot.
No matter how simple or complicated, don't dismiss any offer out of hand.
You never know when or where Lady Luck will drop by.


You could play the Magician while mystical, musical Neptune in your sign reaches
out to loving Venus in your Leo house of partners. The attraction between you
and a significant other may be strong, but it's not unbreakable. As two
planets face off, push often comes to shove, but this particular polarity is
a lot subtler. Threats usually come veiled. Nonetheless, prosperous Jupiter's
entrance into Libra should benefit a variety of joint financial matters.


Read for Aquarius, because it is your impressionable Neptune ruler that is
receiving undivided attention from artistic, romantic Venus. Fish tend to bank
on the odds of achieving “happily ever after” under ordinary circumstances.
However, during this annual, but far from ordinary, opposition, you're
likely to let your imagination run away from you. Since there's precious
little rooting you to reality after the sun, Jupiter and Mars leave earthbound
Virgo, why not enjoy the flight?

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