Hitching a ride on Thursday's airy Gemini new-moon energy should get
us past the solemnity of the last week, what with somber Saturn on the USA sun
vibe. Our next mood and mindset is blowing in the Gemini wind, especially if
the meeting on Friday between the sun and Mercury tells you what you need to
hear. The summer solstice arrives this year on Father's Day. Be inventive,
come up with a suitable celebration of both events. Crab cakes and moon pies
for all! Militant Mars moves out of homey, tribal Cancer and into star-studded
Leo on the 23rd. Expect a lot more glitz, a lot more fire.


Celebrating the summer solstice along with Father's Day could present
one too many reasons to be nostalgic about your fading youth. As the seasons
turn, cardinal signs like yours respond to the potential of what's coming
and the historical significance of what's passing much more than the rest
of us do. But if you're feeling a bit apprehensive about the future or
longing for what used to be, take heart. Starting on the 23rd, your fiery Mars
ruler embarks on a joy ride through creative, fun-loving Leo until August 10.


I hate to harp on finances, but while there's action in your house of
assets and values, it's hard to ignore the obvious. Besides, once your
Venus ruler turns direct on the 29th, you could reverse your current stand or
find a new approach to a recurring money matter. Now is also a good time to
locate a precious item that'll increase the value of your collection. This
desire to be good to yourself and please your loved ones won't last forever
– maybe through July – so make the most of the opportunities that
do arise. Take a gamble.


This is a fine time to give yourself permission to indulge, be it by improving
your own appearance or by answering your house's cry for help. Family members
may also make a pitch for more funds while it seems apparent that your generosity
knows no bounds. Greater appreciation of the fundamentals follows from your
Mercury ruler's travels through your Cancer house of acquisitions and values,
so don't be concerned if you're not concerned with much beyond your
own creature comfort and sense of well-being.


Abrasive Mars leaves Cancer on the 23rd and takes a fair amount of the aggravation
you've been subjected to since Mother's Day with it. Also some of
your assertiveness, so if your sharp edge seems dull, that's the reason.
However, an increased dose of creativity from the life-sustaining sun should
compensate for loss of Martian fire. Besides, you won't be as prone to
accidents, fevers or temper tantrums. Achieving a happy medium between your
purely personal agenda and other people's expectations might be the best
birthday gift you get.


Group activities and friendly socializing occupy center stage for a while longer.
Then your sun ruler tends to make it more comfortable for you to hide out and
let your unconscious or even cosmic consciousness take over. The weeks before
your birthday often serve as basic training, a way to get into psychic shape
for the program you intend to implement after the sun gets to Leo. This year,
you may be experimenting much sooner than that, because, as of the 23rd, courageous,
impulsive Mars transits your sign for the first time in two years.


Remember “inner- and outer-directed”? Well, with so many personal
planets at the top of your solar chart and expansive Jupiter in Virgo, it'll
be hard to come up with an excuse to stay home and contemplate your navel. Unless
you're dragging a dead horse or a repressed memory out of a subterranean
closet, introspection is simply not a part of the Virgo summer program. Fun
in the sun with friends, career counseling, or even an attraction to an off-the-wall
romantic figure, is more like it.


Given your present circumstances, an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude may
seem inappropriate. But while you're being urged to rise above the hardships
caused by frustrating Saturn in your Cancer midheaven, why not go for whatever
gusto you can muster? Lucky Jupiter will be sending positive, albeit occasionally
over-the-top, manic energy your way for about another month. Consider this interlude
as training for the beneficial opportunities you'll be offered once Jupiter
enters Libra in September.


The emphasis is not entirely on finances; still, most of the planetary activity
is focused on what you desire, already possess and share with significant others.
Although the bank could turn out to be the most significant of that lot. Refinancing?
Not-very-subtle changes start to happen once your Mars co-ruler enters dramatic,
stage-stealing Leo on the 23rd. If you need (we're way beyond want) to
perform, now would be a very good time to strut your stuff. In another four
weeks, when both your Mars and Pluto rulers align, you should be in top form.


Triviality or transcendence? You could be heading down either path, since the
dualistic Gemini new moon drew its energy by opposing 28 Sagittarius, a.k.a.
the Galactic Center and Great Attractor. Regenerative Pluto in your sign is
pulling for transformation; the various Gemini planets are pushing diversification.
If you're looking for a clue, you're out of luck or else are relying
too much on it. Since your Jupiter ruler is caught in the cross hairs, don't
count on much more from him than promises and proselytizing.


Whatever friction or heat you've been feeling from either a business or
your life partner should subside once irritating and irritable Mars leaves Cancer,
your cosmic complement, on the 23rd. Happily or, if you've been getting
laid a lot during the transit, unfortunately, it'll be two years before
horny Mars comes around again. What to do in the meantime? Strengthen the obviously
beneficial aspects of the relationship; appreciate its mundane, yet comforting
and comfortable, existence; and stop squawking.


Fun in the sun, team sports, kidding around with the kids – 'tis
the other season to be jolly. For the next few weeks, your heart chakra, a.k.a.
your solar fifth house, will be lit like an Xmas tree. How long you keep the
bright lights and warm glow going depends on how soon you have to assume more
responsibilities or get back to the daily grind. Try to postpone that day so
that affectionate Venus will have enough time to attract even more admirers,
wide smiles and advantageous social situations.


Lose yourself in the art, make your friends' home your own and vice versa,
prepare an exotic meal and share the recipe, coin another definition of “creature
comfort.” While there may be some minor provocations occurring in your
daily life – except for mid-March birthdays, who can't seem to resolve
their ongoing career concerns – Fish are finding favor, maybe even getting
just rewards for their smarts and good taste. Enjoy this period of true relaxation
and recreation so that you can regenerate, both physically and emotionally.

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