Mercury in early Sagittarius turns
retrograde Sunday night for three-plus weeks, making the days just before and after
the flip problematic at best. However, if you absolutely must get equipment
repaired or orders placed, do it this minute. Tuesday could wind up being
another red-letter day, because idiosyncratic Uranus comes out of retrograde
less than an hour before the Scorpio sun is exactly opposed by the Taurus moon.
Since Luna is “exalted” in the sign of the Bull, the emotional aftermath can
last a lot longer than what we expect from typical full-moon madness. The
saving grace of our week is the loving overtures extended on Thursday when
Venus and Mars, stand-ins for all the girls and boys, form a rewarding,
supportive trine.


Six of one, half a dozen of the other. The goodies that
come your way while affable Venus rewards your Mars ruler should be pounced
upon with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. Be it a romantic encounter, a
job offer or a personal favor, accept your good fortune graciously. Soon
enough, perhaps the very next day, Mars in stubborn Taurus and stern Saturn in
Leo form a difficult square, an aspect that is both challenging and
frustrating. Not only won't you get what you want, you may have to give up
something precious in the process.


You're never quite as persuasive, as quietly powerful – no
posturing necessary – as when the moon is full in Taurus, the sign in which
Luna works its finest magic. That's why the moon is “exalted” in Taurus. Plus,
this year, the rewarding trine between your affectionate Venus ruler and sexy
Mars in your sign makes the attraction that much stronger. Even if you planned
it yourself, the timing could not be better. No matter what else is going on,
because it's your week to shine, don't let opportunities that land in your lap
slip by.


Your impulse to jump either out of the way or into the
fray is especially strong this week. That Gemini duality again! Not only must
you contend with your Mercury ruler doing its periodic back flip, but erratic,
electric Uranus at the highest point in your chart is tossing thunderbolts
every which way as it, too, changes direction. Under the circumstances, try to
do nothing at all, not until you have a clearer picture of what is still
developing and what has been shot down. This full moon makes every sign more vulnerable
than it usually is.


Perhaps as beneficial as a full moon in your own sign is
this week's full moon in Taurus, the sign in which your ruling orb is exalted.
That the event occurs in the Moon Child's house of friends, associates and
hopes you share makes that area of your life as important as it's going to be
all year. Be sure that what happens is duly appreciated not only for its
immediate effect, but also for the benefits that may follow. Mercury turning
retrograde could misdirect messages from one of the loves of your life as well
as from members of your team. If in doubt, verify.


This week could mark a pivotal point in a real estate or
family matter, with possible bumps along your career path. Two planets are
changing direction; as unpredictable Uranus turns around to look to the future,
Mercury goes retrograde to re-evaluate the recent past, at least the last three
weeks' worth. Then there's a full moon on the rise, indicating that your sun ruler
is maneuvering you into a confrontation that's been developing since the
Scorpio new moon on the 1st. If you can't avoid an emotional scene, take the
path of least resistance and cut it short.


You're due for compensation of one sort or another. While
your Mercury ruler goes retrograde this week, creating petty annoyances,
future-oriented Uranus in your Pisces house of partners finally turns direct.
If you've been waiting for action or even a decision from a significant other
(business partners qualify), this could be the week you see some progress. You
might also wind up in the right spot at the right time: Venus in earthy
Capricorn trining Mars in earthy Taurus could include earthy Virgins in their
love fest.


Disruptions at work, changes in the marketplace, enough
stuff to think about. However, you'll be a happier camper if you let things
work themselves out over the next few days. Meanwhile, you should concentrate
on the benefits you might accrue while your appreciative Venus ruler and sexy,
single-minded Mars form a rewarding trine. This positive aspect doesn't occur
frequently enough to completely satisfy anyone, let alone a relationship maven
such as an in-love-with-love Libra. Stay focused, enjoy your surroundings, make


This week Scorpions can get screwed two ways; those
celebrating birthdays, every which way. The first thing to watch for is that
Mercury turning retrograde doesn't result in more accounting mistakes than
usual. Then prepare for the shock a playmate may spring on you while Uranus in
your house of romance ends its five-month retrogression. The full moon in
Taurus could bring on an emotional storm you can't avoid, but if you stick it
out, you'll be rewarded by the treat lovable Venus offers your Mars co-ruler
and you. Well worth the hassles.


Big day! Innovative Uranus comes out of retrograde on
Tuesday just minutes before the Taurus moon reaches total fullness. What sort
of surprise will the Joker have for you? And since it's trawling through your
Pisces home base, how will it affect your current address? It may take a while
before you change your perspective about the matter that Uranus raises, but
it's not going away anytime soon. Mercury flipping into reverse in your own
sign means that you should sign nothing, do nothing out of the ordinary and
take extra care when you're on the road.


The best thing about this unpredictable week comes at the
end, when pleasure-loving Venus in your sign and macho Mars in Taurus hook up
in the garden of earthly delights. The Scorpio-Taurus full-moon experience can
also have romantic implications for Goats. However, Mercury's back flip in your
house of colleagues and associations suggests that matters currently on the
table may be postponed for the next three weeks. More possibly positive news:
Uranus coming out of a deep sleep could reawaken your interest in the latest


It'll probably take a while until you notice the effects,
but once your Uranus ruler comes out of retrograde, you'll begin to have fresh
ideas again, primarily about financial matters. Trust your intuition because, around
the end of the month, as lucky Jupiter trines Uranus, an incredible growth
opportunity will appear. If that boils down to buying extra lottery tickets, so
be it. The one area to avoid assiduously is the problem taking shape between
your mate and either a family member or the landlord. Nasty stuff.


Tuesday's Taurus full moon highlights both past and
future tales of travel, the more sensual and romantic the better. So if there's
a chance that you can get away, even for a few days, take it. Who knows what
secrets you'll be exposed to? But keep in mind that Mercury turning retrograde
late Sunday can disrupt even well-laid plans. A client could suddenly ask for a
meeting, a parent might reach out for your help. Although you'd prefer not to
get involved in a costly conflict between friends, one seems to be brewing.

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