Whatever was introduced by the Cancer new moon on the 6th has yet to make
its presence known, so tread lightly this weekend. That advice shouldn't be
difficult to follow, since Neptune, ruler of movies, music and dance, is so
prominently featured; it is a focal point for Mars and Venus and, later in the
week, Mercury. Fiery Mars in fiery Aries could ignite temper tantrums Tuesday
when it is tested by the emotional Cancer sun. But by the following weekend,
anticipate a more than satisfactory resolution as passionate Pluto in Sag and
affectionate Venus in Leo perfect a grand fire trine with horny Mr. Macho.


Another of those critical “push comes to shove” situations may crop
up midweek when the Cancer sun puts your courageous Mars ruler to the test.
Every two years, while Mars travels through Aries, you're more likely to step
beyond established boundaries, particularly those that define the differences
between you and your family, the issues that have not been adequately addressed.
Decidedly not family fare: an incredibly sexy and satisfying couple of days
while Mars, loving Venus and passionate Pluto form a hot fire trine.


Too much information? If data-based Mercury's close connection to your Venus
ruler is becoming annoying, take time out from your research to fantasize about
the possibilities imaginative Neptune offers instead. That beautiful dream might
turn into a reality real soon; both insistent Mars and intense Pluto support
the goddess this month, and she is glad to return the favor. Nobody has to take
“No!” for an answer. Enjoy the little luxuries landing in your lap
while Venus is still ensconced in regal Leo.


Although charitable, well-intentioned Twins may have on occasion been intrigued
by a scam artist's scheme, the one you hear this week won't ring true. While
your perceptive Mercury ruler confronts idealistic Neptune, no matter how strong
the appeal to your charitable nature, the line between fact and fabrication
cannot be crossed, at least not by you. Knowing that your radar is working so
well should help you navigate through a steamy sea of desire. It's that time
of year; the natives are restless and everyone wants something from you.


If you've been waiting for your next career move to materialize, this is a
better time than most. Nothing moves mountains faster than the sun's square
to Mars in your Aries midheaven. Since this configuration occurs only once every
two years, you should make a grab for the opportunity that pops up, no matter
how rough-and-tumble it seems or how fierce the competition. Moon Children who
are happily employed, or just as happily at liberty for the summer, can successfully
pursue a pastime or an assignment, preferably one with a sexy subtext.


Under ordinary circumstances, Venus' annual transit through Leo guarantees
that while it lasts, you are the flavor of the month. However, this week, as
Venus captures the attention of horny Mars and intense Pluto, any romantic gesture
on your part could imply more than you intend. Genuine affection is one thing,
blatant teasing is something else. Fiery Aries and Sagittarius natives may not
mind playing those games, but if you fool around with Scorpionic sensibilities,
you're liable to get stung, but good.


You can't help but toot your own horn while your Mercury ruler travels through
proud Leo. But be aware that because the annual transit will last far longer
than usual, you're apt to be much more egotistical than your friends and colleagues
will tolerate. Mercury first turns retrograde on July 22, goes direct on August
15, and doesn't leave the mighty Lion's domain until September 4. Prepare to
fill these weeks with consistently creative activities, entertaining fun and
games, and, because it's the hot time in the hot city, a combustible relationship.


The ball is headed for your partner's court, but it won't stay there for long.
While impulsive Mars in your Aries marriage house is lit by the nurturing Cancer
sun, a window of opportunity cracks open. Encourage your better half to at least
take a shot at what is being offered, before he or she passes the ball to colleagues
out for a rollicking good time. You, on the other hand, may be having your own
good time. Rarely does your agreeable Venus ruler simultaneously trine macho
Mars and Pluto in the heat of the summer. Enjoy the three-way.


Prepare to experience a fabulous few days as Mars and Pluto, your passionate
co-ruling planets, form a grand fire trine with affectionate Venus in Leo. No
matter how you apply this enormous amount of energy – whether it be to a commercial
venture, a charitable event or a community project – that powerfully sexy Scorpio
dynamic will come through. Because the easygoing trine aspect usually rewards
a challenge you rose to earlier in the year, consider it a legitimate opportunity
to strut your stuff.


While Pluto in your sign puts you through a series of changes that'll transform
your feelings about your past, Mars in your house of romance and risk urges
you to be more adventurous. Add the allure that Venus in luxury-loving Leo brings
to the mix, and you have one grand fire trine that'll be remembered long after
this summer is history. Centaurs have an opportunity to integrate their feminine
and masculine sides while also displaying their compassionate human qualities
and those powerful animal instincts.


You might sense a big change coming as your Saturn ruler prepares
to exit the watery depths of Cancer for the sunny Leo climate on the 16th. After
two years of TLC, are you ready to become a cheerful, somewhat extravagant exhibitionist?
And what about your hair? Can you wear your mane with pride or does it need
a good grooming? Slight modifications in your appearance will follow from an
attitude adjustment, but since Saturn remains in your partnership area for a
while, other people will continue to exert a significant influence.


Early indications that you're the visionary in the crowd appear as Mercury
(the script) and Venus (the design) zero in on idealistic Neptune in your sign.
Feel free to let your imagination loose, because your ideas can have a demonstrable
effect on your fellow students and colleagues, particularly the Lions, Rams
and Sagittarius colts. By early August, everyone concerned will be able to see
the products of your imagination materialize; however, since Mercury is going
retrograde, be prepared for lots of revisions.


Not everyone is destined to direct the whole show, but you can exert a visible
influence on the tyrant in charge while artistic Venus and your aesthetic Neptune
ruler cement their bond. Extracurricular romantic activities are optional; however,
while the Cancer sun cavorts in your house of risk and recreation, it would
be foolish not to take advantage of the creative, life-sustaining energy the
summer sun provides. Once solar Leo begins on the 22nd and Mercury turns retrograde,
the course of true love might not flow as easily.

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