Yesterday's once-every-35-year opposition between Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius will reverberate for months on end. But unless you have natal planets around 14 degrees of those fixed signs (plus Taurus and Scorpio), your puny personal life might not be affected. Virgo, Gemini and Leo natives may seem smarter than usual thanks to the sun's merger with Mercury, but they are also the signs likely to be upset when first Mercury, then the sun, oppose disruptive Uranus this week. The Pisces full moon, a partial lunar eclipse, on the 7th can intensify the instability of their situations. FYI: eclipse = loss.


Before you start your Labor Day celebration, take a moment to celebrate your latest accomplishment. Recognize that your personal work ethic is already in overdrive because your Mars ruler has been in conscientious Virgo for weeks. Actually, one more week and Mars will move out of this discerning earth sign for a seven-week stay in couple-centered Libra. No matter what else is going this weekend and whether you're spoken for or not, accept the fact that you are about to switch from a working mindset into mating mode.


You may feel unduly stressed or confused by disparate forces (heavyweight Saturn opposing flighty Neptune) or you might decide that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. A lot depends on your ability to juggle facts and figures so that your opponents' agendas can fit into your own. I would say “manipulate” instead of juggle, but since those folks have an inflated sense of their self-importance, keeping the circus motif, complete with buffoons and clowns, in mind should help you pull off this feat.


If an important relationship feels like it has been relegated to the back burner, take heart. On Labor Day, regenerative Pluto comes out of retrograde (where it's been since late March) in your Sagittarius partnership zone. In fact, as your Mercury ruler makes contact with a variety of planets (and people), what you thought was set for September could also change. So even if you're spending the holiday away from home, try to keep in touch every day. Schedules may be revised, due dates switched, flights delayed or canceled.


The Virgo-Pisces full moon on the 7th illuminates your axis of education, communication and travel. Since this full moon is a partial lunar eclipse, something that's still in the planning stage could fall through. Nevertheless, because the moon and generous Jupiter in Scorpio form a rewarding water-sign trine at that time, there's bound to be an upside to the adjustment you have to make: probably more money to entertain with. Moon Children born around Independence Day are likely to see their luck change; if you have a strong hunch, play it.


If you've been as well organized and thorough as having Saturn in your sign would imply, then its opposition to nebulous Neptune, a pervasive polarity with significant repercussions, shouldn't throw you off your game. Keep this in mind during the holiday weekend while you're fielding cockamamie ideas from almost everyone you come in contact with. However, artists and musicians can be inspired by the rhythm and lyricism the God of the Sea represents. Incidentally, Pluto turning direct in your Sagittarius house of romance just might energize that area of life.


Some holidays (and birthdays) are celebrated without incident and some are full of surprises. Such is the case with this Labor Day and its aftermath. Since you could be overly sensitized by yesterday's meeting between your Mercury ruler and the sun, pay attention to what your gut instinct tells you Sunday, when Mercury is particularly receptive. Let others call you “visionary”; you know you're merely putting two and two together. But before you make any pronouncement, wait to see what follows from the lunar eclipse on the 7th.


You probably won't shut the door completely, but after your Venus ruler leaves
hospitable, openhearted Leo on the 5th, you could become more selective about
your guests, as befits Venus' transit through discriminating Virgo. Until then,
it is open season on entertaining and fooling around, albeit with one eye focused
on staying safe. That's because, while erratic Uranus in your Pisces house of
health is in the spotlight ??? first due to an opposition from the Virgo
sun, then during the eclipsed full moon -??? your ankles (the body
part ruled by Uranus) are at risk.


Restrictions placed on a financial matter could be lifted soon after your Pluto co-ruler turns direct in your Sagittarius house of assets and values. It's been retrograde since tax time. If this situation rings a bell, then keep your eyes peeled for a woman who'll ease this transition, as well as one who can provide some other perks. A supportive trine from amiable, embraceable Venus is nothing to sneeze at, particularly if your love life needs more attention. That's the area illuminated by the Pisces full moon on the 7th.


Like your Scorpio neighbor, you can also benefit from the favorable trine this weekend between affectionate Venus and sexy Pluto in your sign. Before Venus moves out of high-spirited Leo, do your best to let the heat from a fellow fire sign ignite something wild and unexpected. After Venus enters cautious Virgo on the 5th, it'll be time to raise your guard again. That way you'll feel somewhat safer if the Pisces full-moon eclipse disrupts the flow of your domestic routine or makes the people involved more unpredictable than they usually are.


You're in for an adventure this week, whether you're on a real road trip or an armchair traveler. Because so much planetary energy is concentrated in that slice of life governed by Leo and Virgo – values and assets you share with a significant other, plus your own spiritual and philosophical aspirations – the last days of this summer can be memorable. Just try to take what happens during the Pisces lunar eclipse on the 7th with a grain of salt. Idiosyncratic Uranus can pull the rug out from under whatever you and a partner have planned.


This is the week to prepare for a few confrontations, first from a smart aleck spouting stats who may challenge you on Sunday. Then, when the sun opposes your Uranus ruler on the 5th, get ready to debate a person with plenty of common sense or a Virgo sensibility, i.e., someone who'll find a good use for one of your barrier-breaking ideas, as well as the money to fund it. The full-moon eclipse next Thursday is also a tricky time, since it takes place in your Pisces money house. If you're not vigilant, you could lose your wallet or leave your credit card at the bar.


Read for Aquarius. Although your Aries money house is currently clear of any outside influence, an eclipse often brings loss. Since the lunar eclipse this week takes place in Pisces, you may experience a disappointment of some kind or have the vague feeling that something is missing. Just what a Fish needs, another thing to worry about! Don't bother; with so much planetary activity coming from your Virgo complement, let the other guy be the one to fret over things that cannot be controlled. At least not by you.

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