The weekend has a dreamy cast to it, a musical, mystical aura created by the Gemini sun's rewarding trine to Neptune, the planet of faith and fantasy, in inventive Aquarius. At the same time, the intellectual Mercury-Jupiter trine produces lots of discussions about higher aspirations and what will benefit us all. Meanwhile, Venus is setting the stage so that we will fall in love at first sight, an event that frequently occurs whenever the goddess is surprised, and delighted, by offbeat Uranus. These possibilities are merely a prelude to what will actually come to fruition following the full moon on Sunday, exactly at 11:03 a.m. PDT. The Gemini-Sagittarius full moon, the Festival of Humanity, is the last of the three spring full-moon festivals, so be sure to celebrate. More, maybe too much, dreamy loveliness next Thursday as Venus and Neptune challenge the allure of exquisite and excessive.


Before Sol enters emotionally vulnerable Cancer and summer officially begins, around the time the versatile Gemini sun confronts Pluto, the ruler of the dark side and rehab, the fine art of winging it, a specialty of the “live in the moment” Aries temperament, should come into play. While you needn't feel threatened by the opposition of two such creative, regenerative forces, the dichotomy may force you to revise your thinking about a long-range goal. Now would be a good time to check out flights to your favorite destination.


You may well be in one of those “glamorize everything and everyone around you” or, at the very least, “make it look prettier than it is” moods, a semiannual cosmic shift that occurs whenever your Venus ruler rubs up against idealistic, illusionary Neptune. For artists and designers, this provocative square aspect can be a blessing, since your imagination and aesthetic sensibilities are being tested. But for romantic Bulls stuck in a frustrating domestic situation, the tension could be palpable; every move is under scrutiny.


As spring segues into summer, all Twins are due to get a contact high from spiritual, musical Neptune just days before those of you celebrating birthdays come face to face with Pluto, the planet of recriminations and regrets. Who did what to whom this time? And why should it be costing so much? Not to worry. There's enough going on to keep even a jaded Gemini interested, so please don't stop what you're doing to mull over your options. Simply go with the flow and see where your stream of consciousness or, in some cases, your guilty conscience takes you.


It's that time of year again, the weeks before the summer solstice, when the Moon Child feels obliged to pay dues to the cosmos (the Gemini sun transiting your 12th house). Because Sol is opposed by really slow-moving Pluto in the highly ethical Sagittarius zone of your chart, it may feel like this debt will never be settled. One day, before this lifetime is over, it will; trust me, I'm a Sag. Meanwhile, you have sports equipment to buy and fatherhood to celebrate, plus a first draft to write before expressive Mercury leaves your sign.


You'd better watch out, you'd better not pout, you'd better not cry, I'm telling you why. Santa Claus, in the form of Saturn in your sign, is prepared to discipline whatever impulsive behavior you exhibit when daredevil Mars, racing through fiery Leo, crashes into the old man on Father's Day. Because Mars tends to jump the gun, your foolhardy act and its consequences could take place sooner rather than later. Mars is also itching to expand your immediate surroundings, maybe even add to the number of people in them. Feeling conflicted yet?


It's primarily Virgins born in mid-September who'll catch the flak coming off the conflict between the strong-willed sun in your Gemini career zone and persuasive Pluto in your Sagittarius home base. Who's the Boss? The esoteric Festival of Humanity, the last of the three spring full-moon celebrations, could also be a factor in pressing for a decision before summer sets in. And while a partner may offer some innovative ideas, you're the one destined to mop up the mess made when your Mercury ruler turns retrograde on July 4.


The guys will protect you. There's a decidedly masculine feel to the vibe surrounding you, and it has nothing to do with gear for Father's Day. No, the meeting of Mars, ruler of athletes, soldiers and studs, with Saturn, representing the old-boy network, in imperial Leo exudes power and prestige, the kind that Libras, other than Jimmy Carter, rarely experience. But if they do, it's not for long. So while you're protected, why not let your pleasure-loving Venus ruler run rampant through your house of sex, the occult and other people's money?


Soon you might have to make a difficult, double-edged decision. But before someone gets hurt, consider the full extent of the benefits you could enjoy after your assertive Mars co-ruler joins forces with Saturn, the face of the entrenched establishment. On the other hand, your secretive Pluto co-ruler is being challenged by the versatile and very verbal Gemini sun, and their opposition may involve major money. However, with protective Jupiter in your sign, albeit retrograde until July 6, you'll probably come out okay.


As the sun finishes its transit through your Gemini house of allies and adversaries, Centaurs born in mid-December may face what feels like a do-or-die situation. It's probably nowhere near as crucial as you surmise, but because extremist Pluto is so close to the Sagittarius heart center of the Milky Way galaxy, anything that happens during Pluto's opposition to the sun can seem much more significant than what happens at other times of the year. Well, maybe not the Christmas season. P.S. Seriously consider before you challenge what an enthusiastic colleague may be overstating.


It's a biannual event, yet it's different every time. No, it's not Father's Day, although that is the day macho Mars conjuncts your conscientious Saturn ruler. That this powerful merger takes place in royal Leo suggests that you'll be lording it over the rest of us and licking your lips with every bit of tribute you extract. Just remember that Leo energy can be both foolish and extravagant, also that the infusion of Martian recklessness could point you to a path that lacks the safety features you usually rely on.


Let your partner call the shots, even shoot the starter gun if necessary. There's no way you can effectively direct the course of events that may occur when militant Mars joins strict Saturn in your Leo marriage house on Father's Day. Just make sure that you're not the target for such determination and/or daring. Also, that you don't do too dramatic an about-face (thereby infuriating the rest of the family) when your rebellious Uranus ruler changes direction the next day. These are tricky times; play nice and you'll squeak through.


Fielding contradictory signals during dualistic Gemini is nothing new; however, there's also the confusion generated as unpredictable Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces, another doubled-down mutable sign. Plus, you have to cope with the weirdness of dealing, for the first time in almost 30 years, with a potentially dangerous Mars-Saturn conjunction in early Leo, the place where you go to play. So, given these conditions, it makes sense to beat a hasty retreat into your ever-active imagination and follow your artistic impulses. At least until the summer solstice arrives.

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