Watch your step. Saturday could be Double Dutch Day as Mercury crosses over from aerial Gemini to waterlogged Cancer and Mars rises from the emotional depths of the Crab to play in the fields of the royal Lion. A rerun of the classic “Love Is Hard to Get” is scheduled for Sunday, when Venus' advances are spurned by stern Saturn. Monday can be maddening: The Gemini sun challenges disruptive Uranus, the joker in the zodiacal pack. Tuesday, Election Day, could be very expensive, since Venus “the lesser” and Jupiter “the greater” benefics oppose each other. You get to decide which candidate is which.


Attempts at domestic bliss be damned! Once your ambitious Mars ruler moves into fiery Leo on Saturday, all that compassionate Cancerian crap you've been swallowing since tax time goes out the front door. Perhaps it'll drag a family member with it. Anyway, Mars in the sign of the proud Lion is better suited to the image of you as conquering hero/gladiator/king of the world. But there'll be no celebration until you overcome the difficulty restrictive Saturn, also in Leo, presents when it rears its fearful and/or fearsome head for Father's Day.


Having your soothing Venus ruler in your sign may feel like a well-earned blessing, but first the goddess must deal with the frustration Saturn in your house of family and real estate comes up with on Sunday. Then on Tuesday, Venus has a confrontation with expensive Jupiter in Scorpio, the area claimed by your allies, antagonists and agents. The tendency is to extend yourself beyond your resources (emotional as well as financial); however, the major problem should be resolved by Thanksgiving.


You may sense there's something in the wind when your Mercury ruler hightails it out of your sign early Saturday. But will you be prepared for the surprise sprung on Monday as Uranus, the prankster, challenges the Gemini sun? How happy a happy birthday celebration? How shocking the news coming down from headquarters or from a flabbergasted parent? After the uproar has subsided and all parties have been heard from, say by next weekend, you can ease your way into a situation that'll reward both your instinct and your intellect.


Think things through before you speak or put your ideas in writing. While communicative Mercury is in Cancer – from the 3rd until the 28th, and then again from July 10 until August 10 – you'll have plenty of opportunities to express what's on your mind. But while talking it over might work for you this month, it may not be as effective when Mercury is retrograde in July. Writers should take the next few weeks to organize their work and write the first draft; then use Mercury's retrogression to polish those precious words and get the job done.


The bitch goddess Success is about to mess with your mind again. While bountiful Venus cruises through your Taurus midheaven, the planet of relatively good fortune can dispense all sorts of goodies. This year, because stringent Saturn is in your sign, what she offers this weekend, when the two planets form a testy square, could be too distasteful to accept. Or, more likely, involve too much work. However, if you're feeling prudent or acting like a prude, then Saturn's naysaying will be its own reward. Your reticence may also save you some money.


Other people's resources tend to become available whenever Venus visits earthy Taurus, but while the goddess of good and plenty opposes Jupiter, the planet of bigger and better, the benefits might be grossly exaggerated. Keep this in mind if you're in negotiations of any kind, because a wild card is about to be played. When the sun in your Gemini house of success is squared by zany Uranus in your partnership zone, any outcome is possible. This can lead to a stressful situation, but at the same time, an incredibly exciting one.


Although the road to hell may be paved with good intentions, gold can be found along the way. To wit, when your amenable Venus ruler is tested by Saturn this weekend, fear or frustration often follows. Sometimes, the difficult square simply keeps you from pursuing your heart's desire; at other times, it demands sweat and tears. A few days later, Venus looks extravagant Jupiter in the eye and negotiates a payoff commensurate with what she suggested you give up. On Election Day, you get to decide whether it's a lose-win deal.


You may think you're exceptionally bright or possess canny insight when you take a risk this weekend you've been warned against. But while the know-it-all Gemini sun tests off-the-wall Uranus, you're liable to stake your financial or physical health on a dare or a whim. Just hope that nothing gets broken in the process. Meanwhile, this urge to go beyond the bounds of common sense is simultaneously being fueled by desirable Venus hitting on prosperous, protective Jupiter in your sign. If ever you wanted Lady Luck in your corner . . .


Tension builds over the weekend as the Gemini sun in your partnership zone provokes disruptive Uranus in Pisces, the sign ruling the house you live in and the roots of your family tree. Maybe a nutty relative will act up, maybe the electricity will go off. The energy aimed at you is erratic, so try to be somewhat prepared for a variety of situations. Have cash, water and batteries at hand. Then amorous Venus in your house of romance and other adventures urges you to confront one of your colleagues or political pals during, of all times, election night.


A tricky situation that intensifies over the weekend might add to that pervasive feeling that no matter what, you're the guilty party. That being said, while pleasure-loving Venus challenges your Saturn ruler, it'll be difficult to deny that you simply want what you want. Whether you go for it is one of those “The Lady or the Tiger?” choices. Venus also dangles a reward for Caps who intend to serve the interests of their community. An advantage if you're running for office, risky if you're sacrificing quality time with your mate.


Wondering if you're about to be speared on the horns of a dilemma? Getting too much of more than one good thing? That's because beneficent Venus at home and mo' better Jupiter in your career house are tempting you with sumptuous offerings. Their opposition on Tuesday may force you to make a choice now and pay the consequences later. Later being Father's Day, when Mars and Saturn, the classic bad guys, join forces in your Leo house of significant others. But until the day of reckoning, there's lighthearted fun to be had. Enjoy.


Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. Planter's has nothing to do with the offbeat thoughts that can overwhelm you while inventive Uranus in your sign gets tweaked during its challenging square from the dualistic Gemini sun. If the stimulus (a kooky relative or, worse, a disruptive real estate matter) doesn't drive you crazy, then you may as well go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Money could also flow in two directions at once as acquisitive Venus and extravagant Jupiter oppose each other on Tuesday.

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