Let the energy radiating from yesterday's new moon in Taurus permeate your being before you set out to change the world. In spite of your best intentions, there's a good chance you'll feel sucker-punched when justice-seeking Venus gets tested by manipulative Pluto this weekend. Not the best mindset for May Day protests or celebrations, either. Loving Venus finally discards her self-sacrificial stance after she leaves Pisces next Wednesday for Aries, the sign of the warrior. The better to deal with the changes coming down on the 4th as the sensual Taurus sun, Jupiter in sexy Scorpio and erotic Uranus in Pisces have a three-way.


While not as spectacular a feat as winning the lottery, you could get a shot at earning a painless paycheck. Maybe not the reward you hoped for, but the sextile from the Taurus sun in your money house to your Mars ruler still supports your personal agenda, which, we assume, includes a significant amount of financial gain. Attractive, affectionate Venus, by entering your sign on the 3rd for the next four weeks, makes it even harder for folks to not give you what you want. Figure that advantage into your agenda.


It needn't turn into a contest, but while the sun in your sign confronts generous Jupiter, there's no telling how much of yourself you'll be willing to give to your partner, and vice versa. Let's hope a kidney is not at issue. And don't be surprised if altruistic friends offer to participate, since they are under Jupiter's beneficent influence as well. While it might not change the course of history, the supportive trine between optimistic Jupiter and progressive Uranus should have a liberating effect on you and your closest companions. Where's the party!


Echoes of Thanksgiving! No, not a repeat of the meal, but something similar to what happened the first time innovative Uranus in your career midheaven received Jupiter's blessing. Their second trine occurs this week, so whether you deserve it or not, you're due for another bonanza. Maybe it will simply be recognition of your creativity, but since Jupiter also bestows bucks, it's safe to assume that more of those are on their way. Say around the 7th, about the time both planets trine energetic Mars in your money house.


In case you hadn't noticed, 2006 is shaping up to be a good year to be an emotional, empathetic water sign. And this is the week to be grateful that, by underscoring your innate talents and traits, assertive Mars in Cancer is ensuring that you benefit from the alliance between altruistic Uranus in Pisces and benevolent Jupiter in Scorpio. A grand water trine among three such positive forces for progress is a wonder to behold. For some Crabs, an exciting new adventure; for others, invaluable insights into family history.


Taurus is the time of year when your reputation can get either polished or tarnished. It depends on which avenue you decide to pursue when your sun ruler confronts expensive Jupiter in your home base and, at the same time, tests your partner's faith in a working relationship, along with your ability to be both patient and constructive. This particularly trying dilemma is known as a Grand Cross, a configuration you won't have to deal with again for years to come. However, what you do now can have a significant impact around your birthday.


A clever but somewhat unpredictable partner may be attracting most of the attention,
but it's your resources – intellectual and financial — plus your willingness
to invest them that'll advance both your careers. So step back from the spotlight,
bide your time and see what happens as your joint project gains momentum. Before
you have to call home for Mother's Day, you may be offered, if not a traditional
payoff, then an opportunity to be part of something that is truly significant.
Once your Mercury ruler leaves Aries for Taurus, your approach should become
less strident.


With so much going on – some of it relevant to society as a whole, some of it applicable to your circle of friends – don't neglect the important fact that your Venus ruler is currently in Aries, the sign of your cosmic complement. If all you want at the moment is to concentrate on having a more meaningful one-on-one relationship, so be it. Over the next two weeks, money and goods will come and go according to the vagaries of complicated planetary configurations. Some tasks will be a snap, but most will be frustrating or difficult.


Put up or shut up! Sound familiar? This week, as generous Jupiter in your sign is confronted by the sun in your Taurus house of allies, you're liable to hear this challenge again. It's been 12 years since Jupiter was in Scorpio, so it's reasonable to assume that your circumstances have changed. Still, there's liable to be a partner out there who is demanding more of you than you're willing to give. Meanwhile, your Mars co-ruler is perfecting a rewarding trine to erotic Uranus in your Pisces house of romance and other enjoyable pursuits.


The good fortune you're about to receive may come through an organization or a group of like-minded acquaintances. Perhaps via your guardian angel as well. Because your Jupiter ruler is part of the beneficial Grand Trine aspect in effect this week, consider yourself wrapped in the protective arms of your sponsor, partner and family members. Maybe the crazy landlady, too. You'll probably be asked to offer more support in return, but since your sense of imminent disaster seems to have disappeared for the moment, reciprocating shouldn't be a problem.


After Venus pulls out of the emotional Piscean abyss and enters spirited Aries on the 3rd, relations with neighbors, siblings and Web pals should brighten considerably. And when the goddess favors your Saturn ruler the weekend of the 7th, they may even live up to your high standards. Artists get to mesh their abilities with their aesthetic sense, lovers find stability where there were doubts, and satisfied shoppers acquire what they didn't know they longed for. Despite a family member's complaint, it's a win-win situation for Caps.


This week you might feel conflicted between what you need to accomplish at work and a promise you made to the family. No matter how the opposition between growth-oriented Jupiter in your career zone and the productive Taurus sun plays out, the resolution can be more expensive than you anticipated. But not to worry: Since your Uranus ruler is favored by protective and prosperous Jupiter, both personally and careerwise, you should make out okay. However, you'll probably have to persuade your partner to be patient for a while longer.


Keep focused on your own future and you'll be better able to navigate the winds of change the rest of society is being buffeted by. Because erratic Uranus in your sign is doubly blessed by both Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer, that ornery independent streak of yours could be your most valuable asset. Not forever, but for this week. If there's a new product or process you've been thinking about, now would be a good time to bring it forth. Jupiter can provide access to investment money, Mars the motivation and energy to take your project to completion.

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