On Wednesday, Saturn came out of retrograde, where it's
been backpedaling since Thanksgiving, while Venus left Aquarius for Pisces, the
sign in which she does some of her best work. The weekend could be memorable,
probably because bloodthirsty Mars confronts subversive Pluto, a disaster in the
making. Stay safe. The full moon next Thursday usually reveals the balancing act
taking place between Arian impulsiveness and Libran deliberation. Just in time
to avoid another heated discussion, Mars abandons Gemini that day for family-
and food-friendly Cancer.


If our clever cards aren't enough, if you must have a birthday celebration
commensurate with the esteem in which we hold you, try to schedule your event
to coincide with the Aries-Libra full moon on the 13th. That's also the
day your headstrong Mars ruler crosses into domesticated Cancer, a kinder, gentler
sign than argumentative Gemini. This way you can gather your lunatic fringe in
the middle of the week and still have the weekends for private affairs. Speaking
of arguments, do whatever you can to sidestep the big one scheduled for Saturday.


This year, Palm Sunday emits a more religious vibe than Easter does, so if you
want to experience a spiritual high, plan to do something special on the 9th.
Remember, now that your artistic Venus ruler is in rhythmic Pisces, music will
make an even deeper impression than usual. It's not only the stimuli you're
reacting to, but also the people providing them. One more thing: Glamorous, iconic
Neptune in your Aquarius midheaven, the spot where your reputation is made, is
supported by the life-giving sun this weekend. Rock star!


For a better understanding of the here and now, trace the connection between what
occurred around Mardi Gras, the first time your Mercury ruler tested Pluto's
resolve, and what happened when Mercury turned retrograde at the beginning of
March. This puzzle should be completed when Mercury squares Pluto for the third
and final time during the full moon on Thursday. Because Pluto is in your Sagittarius
house of partners, the picture may look a lot like one of them. Incidentally,
aggressive Mars, leaving your sign on the 13th, takes a good deal of feistiness
with it.


The wild blue yonder may seem more attractive now that appreciative Venus will
be sailing through oceanic Pisces, a compatible water sign, until May 3. Although
the friction currently generated by folks you work with or the service providers
you deal with can demand your attention, except for the usual full-moon weirdness,
you're pretty much out of the woods. However, if distant shores are calling
to you, trust the goddess to find a good reason to send you out of town, preferably
while Venus favors lucky Jupiter around the 20th.


There's a happy harmony brewing as your sun ruler and idealistic Neptune
in your partnership house form a supportive alliance this weekend. An opportunity
will present itself, a promise may be delivered. Nice. The fair-and-balanced Libra
full moon on the 13th could set the stage for a compromise that'll be reached
on Easter, when the fiery Aries sun trines powerful Pluto in Sagittarius. Even
if your involvement is not obvious, Lions can benefit indirectly from the rewarding
fire-sign trine. All this, and you don't have to lift a finger.


To offset the tension generated by quick-to-anger Mars in your career midheaven
confronting manipulative Pluto nestled in the family circle, now you can count
on the presence of affable, equitable Venus in your Pisces house of partners.
She'll be glad to mediate whatever conflict may arise this weekend. Another
change you may appreciate is the departure of your Mercury ruler from vast and
vague Pisces, where it's been since February 8, on Easter Sunday. Unless
you're writing poetry, two months is a long time to be stuck in the same
mode of expression.


The full moon in Libra makes yours the sign people will turn to, if only to decide
what to do for Easter. You get to choose what's best for all concerned,
and because these folks are attuned to your emotional wavelength, they'll
probably go along with your suggestions. Is this why Libra energy is described
as the “iron fist in the velvet glove”? In contrast to your role as
leader-mentor is the martyr mindset you could fall into while your Venus ruler
transits Pisces, the sign of self-abnegation, not to mention self-flagellation.
Checks and balances, please.


If you manage not to bite your nose to spite your face – a typical Scorpionic
tactic – you should come through the opposition this weekend between Mars
and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, intact. Remember that as long as benevolent
Jupiter is in your sign, you'll be protected. Even though the jolly giant
is currently retrograde, good things will continue to happen, especially around
the 20th while lucky Venus and lucky Jupiter form a rewarding trine. That's
also when the sun enters Taurus, the sign of your cosmic soul mate.


Keep it artistic and romantic. The Aries-Libra full moon on the 13th illuminates
the love-friendship axis on your solar chart, the area where your creative impulse
shines. Since aggressive Mars is leaving Gemini that day, your partners, both
in life and in business, could become less contentious than they've been
the past two months. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a holiday dinner without
wondering who is going to take offense next? Relax: Come Easter Sunday, the “pure
of heart” Aries sun and regenerative Pluto in Sag perfect their rewarding


A career matter could come to a head while the moon is full in your Libra midheaven.
But if it turns out to be not that big a deal, if it's only your reputation
and not your livelihood that's at stake, follow the line of least resistance.
You don't need to make life any harder for yourself, especially while assertive
Mars stomps through your Cancer house of allies and antagonists for the next seven
weeks. Mars can generate moments of pure passion and maybe lots of makeup sex;
however, be aware that the warrior is on the warpath.


With appreciative, artistic Venus taking her annual trip through your Pisces house
of values and assets, you can bet you're headed for a shopping spree. Try
to pace yourself. Comparison-shop online this week so that you can pounce on a
bargain when Venus meets your state-of-the-art Uranus ruler on the 18th. Since
their merger favors your more esoteric, idiosyncratic tastes, make sure you know
what you're getting yourself into before springing for the big bucks. FYI:
That entire week revolves around money coming in and money going out.


Now that Venus is in Pisces, you're bound to be even more attractive, more
lovable and more popular than you've been since March 2005, which is when
the goddess last transited your sign. Make the most of the attention that'll
be paid, especially while Venus joins innovative Uranus the week after Easter.
By then, Mercury will have moved on to Aries, and you won't have to explain
yourself; you can just stand there and look luscious. More good news: On the 13th,
energetic Mars enters comfortable, caring Cancer, a compatible water sign.

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