While Mercury turns retrograde three times a year and Jupiter
does it annually, it's rare that these events occur within two days of each
other. Both planets exert a tremendous influence on education, the media and travel,
and this time, both are transiting emotional water signs. Will you be able to
see your way through murky waters? Probably not, but that doesn't mean you
can't enjoy a respite from the usual retrograde routine. Still and all,
before Mercury flips on the 2nd and Jupiter on the 4th, try to fix what needs
to be repaired, order what you can't live without and, after that, relax.


The upcoming Mercury retrograde period might not have a noticeable impact on your
daily doings, but it could reveal a lot about the workings of your subconscious
mind. Now would be the appropriate time to undergo hypnosis, either to recover
memories of past behavior, to tap into past lives or to break a noxious habit
for good. A constructive connection between your eager Mars ruler and stable Saturn,
the first in over a year, bodes well for dealing with your parents or a touchy
situation concerning the place you call home.


The Pisces new moon may point you toward another level of commitment to a group
project; perhaps it'll bring a colleague with similar interests to that
table. And because Mercury backpedals through the sign of the Fish until late
March, you'll have reasons to wonder if those joint efforts are being effective.
Since Jupiter in your Scorpio house of significant others also turns retrograde
next weekend, you shouldn't assume that the people who have been most supportive
will continue to do so. They're probably re-evaluating their contribution,


Zero in on what, in your heart of hearts, you want to know but have been reluctant
to ask. Come Tuesday, when your Mercury ruler is in a good position to challenge
secretive Pluto in your Sag marriage house, pop the question. This week, the element
of surprise works in your favor. After Mercury turns retrograde for the next three
weeks, everyone concerned may decide to review, and possibly rue, the answer.
Meanwhile, Jupiter's four-month retrogression could put a health or work
issue on the back burner until July 4.


It appears that March won't be the best month for Crabs who want to move
ahead with all due speed. That's because Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in
Scorpio, the other water signs, will be retrograde and more concerned with helping
you re-evaluate your past performance than plan for the future. Please, no moaning
and groaning; you probably could use some time to decompress and enjoy the fruits
of your labor. Plus Venus, by moving out of your rigid Capricorn complement, may
let you off her “Pay more attention to me!” hook.


Having strict Saturn in your sign is probably a more demanding, more restrictive
force than a cheerful Lion is used to living with. Therefore you might welcome
the news that energetic Mars, after six months of coming on strong, then doing
an about-face, is urging Saturn to accomplish something you can be proud of. Their
constructive sextile aspect is exact on Tuesday, about the time you're celebrating
your version of Mardi Gras 2006. P.S. Mercury turning retrograde in your area
of joint investments suggests you proceed slowly.


It's one thing to adjust your routine because your Mercury ruler is turning
retrograde again. By now you should be used to the drill. However, Jupiter doing
a back flip in your house of travel, communication and sales at the same time
can make the next three weeks a freaky compilation of scheduling delays, cancellations
and missed messages. Jupiter's retrogression lasts for four months, so if
you're contemplating future trips, look ahead to the July Fourth holiday,
which, irony of ironies, is when Mercury goes retrograde once more.


Hope springs eternal in the heart of the lovable and loving Libra. So it's
natural to assume that the Pisces new moon will mark the beginning or, better
yet, the deepening of a romantic encounter instead of introducing another employment
opportunity. With Mercury turning retrograde in your job-health-dues zone, why
not use the three-week retrogression to renew your gym membership, revise your
diet or pay off a debt? Welcome a breath of fresh air when your Venus ruler leaves
Capricorn, after four months of toeing the line for independent Aquarius, on the


The simpatico Pisces new moon on Monday can introduce a gentler, kinder approach
to a long-standing situation at home. It might also change some of the conditions
or remove one of the players from the playing field. Meanwhile, Mercury turning
retrograde in your house of romance and creative risk should provide a valid reason
to revise your opinion or rework your latest project. Retrograde periods can be
annoying, what with the lapses and misunderstandings, but they also relieve pressure
and leave wiggle room for improvement.


Although it's an annual event and you should be used to it, when your Jupiter
ruler turns retrograde, you could get thrown for a loop. Recover your bearings
as quickly as possible, because Mercury goes retrograde this week too, this time
in your Pisces house of gardens and family trees. Now would be a good time to
trace your roots, finally print your Christmas photos or think about installing
a bigger bathroom or hot tub in time for the Fourth of July holiday. That's
when Jupiter in Scorpio faces forward again. FYI: In 2006, water might be your


It's official: Scintillating, sociable and occasionally sweet Venus leaves
your sign on March 5 and won't return until December 10. If you've
taken sufficient advantage of the goddess's four-month trip through Capricorn,
then you should be able to capitalize on her one-month transit of your Aquarius
money house. Jupiter turning retrograde in your house of group involvement may
affect your willingness to participate in those activities. And Mercury's
reversal in your house of communication and travel could double the trouble with


The Pisces new moon in your house of assets and income could bring something of
significant value to your attention in the next few days. Don't be shocked
if you're taken by surprise. During the sun's annual meeting with
your Uranus ruler, you're likely to look at comfortable things and familiar
attitudes in an entirely different light. Happily for most Water-Bearers, the
arrival of beautiful, beneficial Venus to your sign on the 5th suggests that you'll
be even more desirable than you already are. But for those who have an anxious
partner (Saturn in Leo), it's not such a blessed event.


This time it might not be that easy getting all your ducks lined up before the
retrograde deluge sets in, but that's no reason not to try. Mercury in the
latter degrees of your own sign doesn't flip until the 2nd; Jupiter in mid-Scorpio
waits until the 4th. While Mercury's three-week retrogression could bring
a fair amount of soul-searching (e.g., “Why did I do what I did?”),
the four-month Jupiter reversal suggests that plans for expanding your knowledge
through graduate courses or foreign travel may have to be put on hold until the

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