The Aquarius sun-Leo moon polarity this weekend is about love:
the cool-headed Aquarian love of humanity in general, and the fiery Lion's
love of loving in its many manifestations, the more demonstrative and dramatic
the better. So no matter what else is going on, give some thought and spend some
time figuring out how and with whom you'll spend Valentine's Day.
You'll probably get lucky, because romantic Venus and generous Jupiter,
the planets that can tweak the odds in your favor, are in a supportive sextile
that day. You can also benefit from the opportunity offered while the creative
sun and passionate Pluto sextile. The only aspect that might foul things up is
the coupling of Mercury and explosive Uranus. Keep the wild ideas to yourself.


Pack a bag, just in case. Once your Mars ruler crosses into gallivanting Gemini
on the 17th, you could get a case of itchy feet and be only too eager to take
off to anywhere at all. After Mars' six-month confinement in down-to-earth
Taurus, the treasurer of the zodiac, you should be ready for, if not exactly a
hair-raising adventure, at least a valuable learning experience. As for Valentine's
Day, if you're not semipermanently attached or otherwise spoken for, then,
for that day and then some, check out what a warm-hearted Leo has to offer.


You may already sense that there's a change in the wind, and that soon you'll
be able to cut loose from a few of the ties that bind. But, let's hope,
not from the folks who have your best interests at heart; they'll continue
to be generous with their time, advice and resources until Thanksgiving. Valentine's
Day can be particularly beneficial, especially if you share it with a Scorpio,
Sagittarius or Capricorn. Even if a romantic evening isn't in the cards,
even if it's just a friendly poker game, you'll have fun.


Moments of sheer brilliance are not that rare when you're a certified genius.
Even if you're merely a well-adjusted Twin of above-average intelligence,
they seem to come with some regularity. This week's eureka moment could
occur when your Mercury ruler merges with barrier-breaking Uranus on Valentine's
Day. However, such synchronicity may cause some confusion. Are you finally realizing
something you should have seen before? Was it obvious to other observers? Is your
revelation the result of a romantic setting or is this the beginning of a bold


Happily for moonstruck Crabs and their lovers, the heartfelt Leo full moon is
exact late Sunday night. Feel free to start your Valentine's Day celebration
a few days earlier than the 14th. Why wait for a school night, a picky Virgo moon,
and an assortment of planetary aspects that could keep you from enjoying a romantic
evening to the fullest? Plus, sudden changes are to be expected whenever vocal
Mercury and unpredictable Uranus conjunct, as they will on Tuesday. Be careful
that what you blurt out is what you mean to say.


A Leo moon in effect from Friday night until early Monday could make your Valentine's
Day 2006 celebration truly memorable. Add the edge that the full moon Sunday night
gives to Lions and there's no reason to wait until the 14th to show your
stuff. Well, maybe one: Tuesday is when your sun ruler in your Aquarius marriage
house perfects a mutually beneficially sextile to passionate Pluto in your house
of romance and creativity. Even with restrained Saturn in your sign, you couldn't
ask for better auspices.


It might not seem intimate enough, but you may have a better time if neighbors,
friends and co-workers are included in your Valentine's Day celebration.
Too weird? Too social? Not really. Besides having a Virgo moon highlighting your
finer qualities, on Tuesday your Mercury ruler and trendsetting Uranus meet in
your Pisces house of partnerships. There's also a bunch of favorable aspects
that day linking sociable Venus to generous Jupiter, and regenerative Pluto to
the humane Aquarius sun. Sounds like a charity event.


Since it might be tough getting out of the house, or at least getting your head
out of domestic concerns, why not throw a party for St. Valentine at your place?
While your Venus ruler in your domain of family and furnishings is on very favorable
terms with prosperous Jupiter in your Scorpio money house, you probably won't
mind the expense. Plus, you'll also have the cheery Leo full moon this weekend
lighting up both your Aquarius house of entertainment and the area where your
peers congregate to sing your praises. A fine time for the social butterfly to


Just one more week until your Mars co-ruler leaves Taurus, your cosmic complement,
not to return for another two years. Better make the most of the long, strange
trip independent Mars has taken you on during the last six months. Review the
progress you've made with your working situation; also try to honestly assess
your new, preferably improved way of dealing with past and present partners. Once
Mars gets to the Twins, your interests could become more varied and, since the
Gemini transit ends with Passover, short-lived.


It's not the chief planetary connection in effect on Valentine's Day,
but for Centaurs it could make all the difference. Powerful Pluto in your sign,
just one degree away from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is favored
that day by the futuristic Aquarius sun. Besides emphasizing the Aquarian love
of humankind in general, this supportive sextile also fortifies a first-house
appreciation of selfhood, ideally an improved, reinvented self. Where chocolate,
champagne and flowers fit in is your call.


The subtext of the full-moon message this weekend might leave the rest of us in
the dark, but not conscientious Capricorns, who are governed by tradition-bound
Saturn. Although the high-spirited Leo full moon usually brings smiling faces
and willing hearts, because serious-minded Saturn is in Leo, this year Valentine's
Day might not measure up to expectations. So if you treasure your vision of how
the day should be spent, be prepared to revise it. Unpredictable Uranus is about
to upset your plans. Think about an alternative.


Aquarians celebrating birthdays this week may receive some unexpected gifts simply
because Venus and Jupiter, the more generous of the gods, are on excellent terms.
No squabbling, no competing among your peers or your relatives. However, a significant
other may not be that amenable. Instead of showering attention on you, she or
he could try to hog the spotlight. Blame the egocentric Leo full moon for accentuating
your partner's desire to act out in public. And hope it subsides by Valentine's


You were warned last week that Valentine's Day could be volatile. Because
Mercury in your sign merges with unpredictable Uranus on the 14th, only those
gods know what'll come out of your mouth. So try to keep your impulses in
check and think twice before you speak. Maybe what you say will be shocking or
borderline brilliant; maybe, since the conjunction is in rhythmic Pisces, you'll
sound like a poet and won't even know it. Whatever the result of your celebration,
rest assured there are more surprises in store.

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