Everybody, not just Libra and Taurus, the signs ruled by Venus,
might have a change of heart Friday when the goddess finally comes out of retrograde.
If you had a falling-out over the holidays and have been nursing a grudge ever
since, now would be a good time to send out a friendly overture. Hoping for the
best is what all of us do while the altruistic Aquarius sun and idealistic Neptune
conjunct, as they will on Super Bowl Sunday. Incidentally, since the game will
be played during a moon-void, the outcome could well be an upset. Anticipate big
payoffs on Monday, thanks to the challenge issued by the sun testing lucky Jupiter.
Meanwhile, Mercury picks up speed as it prepares to cross from Aquarius to Pisces
on Wednesday. One more month and it turns retrograde again.


Hot-blooded Rams, whether single or attached, could be making plans for Valentine's
Day with the same degree of enthusiasm they have for the Super Bowl. No more,
no less. However, keep in mind that this year a one-on-one romantic getaway might
not be as fulfilling as inviting a house full of party animals over to celebrate
the Lion's full moon. Why not? Although your horny Mars ruler will remain
in sensuous Taurus another two weeks, sparks between you and another sign won't
fly until the Presidents Day weekend.


You may not be the chosen one this week, but there's a chance that your
partner, or whatever you're calling the person or people you're currently
involved with, is. It's safe to assume that their good fortune, be it a
promotion at work, a glowing review or a Super Bowl payoff, will rub off on you.
This Valentine's Day can be particularly satisfying, because your no-longer-retrograde
Venus ruler in status-conscious Capricorn is finally making discernible progress
as she joins generous Jupiter. Luxury and laughs are a given; true love, a maybe.


Remember that while unpredictable Uranus has your Pisces career house wired, you're
liable to get a shock to your system at any moment. Although adaptable Gemini
can become bored with regularity and stability, sometimes you want assurances
that there's a comfy cushion to fall back on. This is not one of those times.
Besides the start of your Mercury ruler's choppy voyage through Pisces on
the 8th, you're about to get a biannual visit from impetuous, excitable
Mars. It'll transit Gemini from February 17 until the Aries-Libra full moon
Easter week.


Sex, death and other people's money is the area, broad as it may seem, that
can hold your attention for a couple of weeks. The mysterious eighth house is
indeed fascinating and a hot spot to explore on Valentine's Day; however,
the artistry, spirituality and wisdom offered by your Pisces ninth house is where
you're headed. Luckily, Crabs continue to have easy access to lovely and
loving partners, at least until March 5. That's when Venus leaves your Capricorn
marriage house, where the goddess has been hanging out since November 5.


Whether you're still thinking about it or are already in the process, while
your sun ruler is being pressured by ever-expansive, ever-expensive Jupiter, moving
up, building an addition to the house, maybe even enlarging the family, could
be your chief concern. In another week, when the sun squares ambitious Mars in
your midheaven, career advancement or community involvement might become your
main focus, but that won't last as long as feathering your nest will. Meanwhile,
prospects for a passionate Valentine's Day look good. Plan ahead.


If you've felt stymied lately, trying to figure out why projects aren't
progressing fast enough, it may help to learn that once your Mercury ruler enters
fluid Pisces on the 8th, whatever you're interested in speeds up. Whether
it'll be smooth going depends on the aspects Mercury makes. Deep thinkers
can become even more unfathomable when the Messenger conspires with secretive
Pluto. Flash-in-the-pan types may seem particularly brilliant while Mercury merges
with electric, erotic Uranus on Valentine's Day. Talk about a mind fuck!


Libras tend to make a big deal out of any holiday celebration, but few occasions
tweak your artistic imagination like Valentine's Day. Even the cynics among
you can be cheered by the ubiquitous hearts and flowers, chocolates and champagne.
Just be aware that having generous “eat, drink and be merry” Jupiter
in your Scorpio money house this year could cost you much more than you intend
to spend. Still and all, since your Venus ruler and Jupiter are on such friendly
terms that day, why not go all out?


Faith (in your team?) and a favorite fantasy (that you'll win big?) could
be dominating your thoughts. Don't be surprised if you're willing
to take a greater risk this month than security-conscious Scorpio is known for.
That's because Jupiter in your sign is urging you to expand beyond your
comfort zone, ultimately to claim more territory than you currently control. Keep
this in mind when planning how best to deal with Valentine's Day. Hint,
hint: Amenable Venus favoring lucky Jupiter that day increases your chances for
success. Vegas?


Read for Scorpio. They, along with Capricorn, Libra and Taurus, will benefit from
the friendly and fortunate relationship your Jupiter ruler enjoys with Venus this
month. It may narrow your choice of signs to hook up with; however, Leo and Aquarius
also make good companions, especially during the full moon that weekend. Be diplomatic,
but for peace of mind, avoid spending time with Gemini, Virgo or Pisces while
very vocal Mercury weds erratic, explosive Uranus on Valentine's Day.


Enough with the delays and postponements! Now that Venus in Capricorn is facing
forward again, go ahead and order the invitations, schedule the procedure, make
plans to make yourself even more beautiful. You still have protective Jupiter
riding shotgun, making sure that you get what you want. Only try to keep your
new, improved vision within reasonable limits and at reasonable cost. Perhaps
that's easier said than done; the planetary energy coming out of your Aquarius
money house, while imaginative, is somewhat delusional.


Visual artists, actors, musicians, dancers, fishermen and pharmacologists, professions
ruled by Neptune, may wind up in the news while the Aquarius sun and media-wise
Mercury circle around the God of the Sea. Also, the spotlight provided by the
Leo full moon, the sign of your cosmic companion, can make it difficult to enjoy
a quiet, romantic Valentine's Day. Not to mention how all this unwanted
attention may affect your birthday celebration. But if Oprah, Ellen and Aniston,
even Ashton Kutcher, got used to it, so can you.


Wildly contradictory influences are at work, so if you feel like a yo-yo, this
is why. Since the humanistic Aquarius sun and expressive Mercury are currently
under the spell of your idealistic Neptune ruler, it's likely that you believe
more things are possible than they were. Silly Fish! While you might not hear
a discouraging word until Presidents Day weekend, you'd better find a way
to keep your temper and tongue in check on Valentine's Day. Otherwise you
could blow even the best-laid plans to smithereens.

LA Weekly