Back in January, we published a post headlined “Should Robert Pattinson Play Jeff Buckley or Should He Play Kurt Cobain?”. This is what we said back then:

This generation's Robert Redford, Robert Pattinson, is periodically rumored to star in every movie pitched in Hollywood with a young heartthrob leading part. Batman Reloaded? Get me Pattinson! The Salvador Dali story (featuring gay stuff with Federico Garcia Lorca)? Get me Pattinson! (actually, that one got made). The Robert Pattinson story? Get me Pattinson! (and we'll get Charlie Kaufman to make it meta). So, of course when people start planning biopics of well-known young musicians who died untimely deaths, the buzz immediately starts a-buzzing around Robert Pattinson. The latest example: Jeff Buckley's mom weighing in on the likelihood of Pattinson playing her romantic hero son.

Today, that possibility is getting closer to reality. The “Jeff Buckley Biopic” project has been assigned a director, and Buckley's mom is definitely one of the producers:

According to NME (via Deadline):

The forthcoming new biopic about Jeff Buckley is to be directed by Welcome To The Rileys filmmaker Jake Scot, […] the son of Ridley Scott. […] Buckley's mother Mary Guibert is an Executive Producer for the film, while Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker) will write the script. […] The Buckley film, which is set to feature his songs, is expected to begin filming this autumn.

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