Rising Producer has an Ace Aura: Rising “melodic riddim producer” Ace Aura stared producing in 2012 when he discovered the joys of Skrillex.

“I started practicing DJing around 2017 but didn’t start playing shows until late 2018,” he says. “Things became serious when I was picked up by UTA in mid-2020, which allowed me to do production and DJing full-time.”

Today, he describes his sound as, “a combination of heaviness and harmony into one cohesive element.” That said, the pandemic affected his career, much like hot affected everyones.

“If UTA wasn’t looking to sign new artists as a result of the pandemic, I might not have been able to do music full-time,” he says. “Creatively, it caused me to think differently about the type of music that I made since it’s mostly catered toward the live experience and shows weren’t happening for a while.”

His latest release is the “UMBRA” single.

“‘UMBRA’ started out as a remix of a track called ‘Blue Shadows’,” he says. “Once we found out that we weren’t able to release the remix, I turned it into an original for release on Monstercat. My manager, Landon, and I reached out to Voicians for vocals and he killed it!”

Looking ahead, Ace Aura has a few things planned for 2022.

“I’ve got a few big remixes and collabs in the works, as well as a couple of EPs of my own,” he says. “A tour might be in the cards for later this year, but we’ll have to wait and see!”

Rising Producer has an Ace Aura: Ace Aura’s “UMBRA” single is out now.


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