First they came for the raves, then they came for the medical marijuana dispensaries, and then they came for the Echo Curio. At least we can now breathe a sigh of relief that no one will ever abuse Ecstacy, medical marijuana, or small, innovative live music ever again. Here's to Keeping Us Safe!

Here's our farewell to the Lost LA Music Venues of 2010, lost through bureaucratic malfeasance, police vigilance, or other causes:

In November, indie rock landmark Spaceland announced it would be moving, and then it was announced that the venue will be reopening as a dance/electronica-centered space with Jennifer Tefft at the helm. In an interview with the LA Times, it was revealed that the place formerly known as Spaceland would become known as the Satellite and would offer a sports bar during the day in order to cater to hipster sports fans.

Spaceland's final shows will include a Melvins residency with support from such acts as the Yuck and Vaccines. Founder Mitchell Frank will be opening a new venue in an as-of-yet-undisclosed space that may or may not be somewhere downtown.

L'KEG , which was at one time named the “Best Art Gallery for Music” here at L.A. Weekly, was devastated by a fire and has struggled to find a new venue. Named after a line in the film Velvet Goldmine (L.K.E.G. is an acronym for “Lipstick-Kissed Elbow Glove”), the gallery/project space was launched by members of the band Blue Jungle and offered a performance venue for bands of every genre.

And perhaps most sadly, we lost the Echo Curio after four years of amazing shows. The curiosity shop and art gallery provided a venue where bands such as Pocahaunted, Ruthann Friedman, the Holy See, the Finches, Bobb Bruno, Eagle Winged Palace, Avi Buffalo, and many more performed for an all-ages crowd. This idyllic DIY spot was abruptly shut down over an entertainment licensing issue even though it had been dry for over three months

Oh and don't forget that there is still no live music permitted at Hyperion Tavern, so that's a bummer (although they almost make up for it by booking incredible DJs).

Other DIY venues remain and some groups, like those behind the natural stage project have been finding alternative, affordable spaces in which to offer shows for music fans, putting together bills featuring One Trick Pony, Tommy Santee Claws, Leslie and the Badgers, and others in places like Griffith Park and Joshua Tree.

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