It's pretty great, this new 3 CD, 1 DVD boxed set from Jane's Addiction. The highly anticipated set, which comes out Tuesday, April 21, contains some of the legendary LA band's earliest recordings — marvelous Radio Tokyo studio demos — and a ton of other out takes, as well as covers of Sly and the Family Stone (the incendiary duet with Ice T), the Stooges, the Doors, and Led Zeppelin. We got it in the mail today, and it arrived on the desk like a brick. What's this? “JA”? Curious.

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look, a cabinet. curious.; Credit: Randall Roberts

look, a cabinet. curious.; Credit: Randall Roberts

Track list after the jump …

Disc: 1

1. Jane Says [Radio Tokyo Demo]

2. Pigs in Zen]] [Radio Tokyo Demo]

3. Mountain Songmo]mo] [Radio Tokyo Demo]

4. Had a Dad [Radio Tokyo Demo]

5. I Would for YouDemo]Demo] [Radio Tokyo Demo]

6. Idiots Rule [Demo Version]

7. Classic Girl [Demo Version]

8. Up the Beach [Demo Version]

9. Suffer Some [Demo Version]

10. Thank You Boys [Demo Version]

11. Summertime Rolls [Demo Version]

12. City [Demo Version]

13. Ocean Size [Demo Version]

14. Stop! [Demo Version]

15. Standing in the Shower…Thinking [Demo Version]

16. Ain't No Right [Demo Version]

17. Three Days [Demo Version]

Disc: 2

1. Ted, Just Admit It… [Demo Version]

2. Maceo [Demo Version]

3. No One's Leaving [Demo Version]

4. My Time [Rehearsal]

5. Been Caught Stealingix Version] [12″ Remix Version]

6. Ripple

7. Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey – Ernie C., Ice-T, Jane's Addiction

8. L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil [Live 1989]

9. Kettle Whistle [Live 1989]

10. Whole Lotta Love [Live 1989]

11. 1970 [Live 1989]

12. Bobhaus [Live 1989]

Disc: 3

1. Drum Intro [Live 1990]

2. Up the Beach [Live 1990]

3. Whores [Live 1990]

4. 1% [Live 1990]

5. No One's Leaving [Live 1990]

6. Ain't No Right [Live 1990]

7. Then She Did… [Live 1990]

8. Had a Dad [Live 1990]

9. Been Caught Stealing90]90] [Live 1990]

10. Three Days [Live 1990]

11. Mountain Song [Live 1990]

12. Stop! [Live 1990]

13. Summertime Rolls [Live 1990]

14. Ocean Size [Live 1990]

Disc: 4

1. Mountain Song [DVD]

2. City [DVD]

3. Had a Dad [DVD]

4. Ocean Size [DVD]

5. Stop! [DVD]

6. Been Caught Stealing [DVD]

7. Classic Girl [DVD]

8. Ain't No Right [DVD]

9. Whores [DVD]

10. Then She Did… [DVD]

11. Three Days [DVD]

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