Revolutionizing Referrals: How Jason Essayli is Disrupting the Financial Advisor Landscape with Advisor Referral Boost

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In an industry steeped in tradition, redefining the standard can be daunting. However, Jason Essayli, a millennial entrepreneur and a Certified Financial Planner, has fearlessly confronted this challenge. His unique venture, Advisor Referral Boost, has been making waves, effectively reshaping the financial advisor landscape with a disruptive approach to referrals.

Jason’s journey started in the financial planning and advice world, where he worked for nearly eight years. His tenure with Charles Schwab, one of the largest wealth management firms in the country, was marked by remarkable achievements, such as managing $230 Million AUM and assisting hundreds of clients. However, it also allowed him to identify the inefficiencies and outdated practices hampering the industry’s potential growth.

In this corporate backdrop, he saw the struggles of building relationships with referral partners, a crucial but painstakingly unscalable task.  He states, “There isn’t enough education or support around effective marketing which sets up a lot of financial advisors in a position to fail”. In tandem with this realization, he noticed a gap in the marketing strategies employed by most firms. Rather than focusing solely on selling leads, websites, and SEO services, he envisioned a unique strategy – creating meaningful connections between financial advisors and Centers of Influence (COI), such as CPAs and attorneys.

This revelation was a turning point for Jason, prompting him to leave his corporate role and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. His keen interest in utilizing up-to-date tools and software, a characteristic attribute of his millennial generation, and his passion for financial planning gave birth to the innovative platform Advisor Referral Boost.

Advisor Referral Boost is the only company that provides a turnkey, hands-off system to acquire referral partnerships. This platform provides a unique strategy for financial advisors. Recognizing the trust and influence CPAs and attorneys command in their clientele Jason’s platform facilitates strategic partnerships between these trusted professionals and financial advisors. According to research from Invesco, in partnership with Prince & Associates: 68.9% of affluent investors find their primary financial advisor through their attorney or accountant. This alignment amplifies the growth of advisors’ businesses and offers enhanced service to the clients of these COIs.

With Advisor Referral Boost, Jason has successfully aided countless advisors by connecting them with invaluable referral partners. His venture, now seen as a leading name in the industry, empowers financial advisors to take their practice to the next level, thus addressing some of the most pressing issues financial advisors face in 2023.

However, the ambition that drives Jason Essayli continues further. He envisions his platform to be recognized as a disruptor, a beacon that brings something new and unique to the marketplace. His goal is not just to facilitate growth but to stimulate change. He strives to be seen in a light that redefines the financial advice industry, offering something the market desperately needs.

To increase brand awareness and build credibility, Advisor Referral Boost remains committed to its unique strategy. Jason Essayli’s relentless spirit and his vision for the future of the financial advice industry underscore the promise that Advisor Referral Boost holds for its clients and the industry at large.

The story of Jason Essayli is a testament to the power of innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit. It shows that the drive to bring about change and the right tools can turn a traditional landscape into a dynamic one. As the narrative continues to unfold, the financial advice industry awaits the further disruptions that Jason’s venture will undoubtedly bring about. In this regard, the future of financial advising looks more than promising; it looks revolutionary.

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