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DuJour Select is the first digital agency to launch an all-encompassing multi-tiered membership program, promising clients access starting this Spring to the most successful and influential people across the DuJour family. With years of experience in luxury, Jason Binn, CEO, has formed relationships with the most prominent and affluent people and companies, making up over 70% of the nation’s wealth and spending power. Being quoted by an article in The Observer as being an “instrumental” part in the glamorization of Miami, Binn has proven to be a leader in the ever-changing industry.

From editorials with their one-of-a-kind team to carefully curating social media posts for you, the DuJour family promises to be there every step of the way. “Binn has created a powerhouse. The face of publishing today.” said Academy Award-winning Jessica Chastain on the set of her latest eloquent DuJour cover shoot. With a exhaustive approach that encompasses both newswire monopolization and finely-crafted organic media, their commitment is to capitalize on every opportunity to cultivate your image; from finely crafted editorials to simple social media posts, the DuJour Select family will assure you emerge as a singular standout in an increasingly competitive content landscape.

The importance of an all-around on and offline strategy cannot be overstated, and the multi-award-winning DuJour team understands this better than anyone. That’s why they developed DuJour Select, a platform that enables their clients to gain entry to the top 20 newswire sources catering to their chosen markets, also offering ongoing mentions and narratives through its ever-expanding newswire network, which, when compounded, reaches over half a billion people every month. These sources have been selected by more than 100 of the industry’s most reputable and pertinent media outlets, all with a distinguished DA score of over 70+. With the backing of over 100 strategic news services that consistently emerge among the top 5 pages of search results, these sources can propel your brand’s visibility to new heights.

DuJour Select’s comprehensive approach to crafting a robust online image utilizes its extensive search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge. The platform identifies any videos or content that may deter your brand’s prominence and shrinks its impact, amplifying your content’s discoverability to captivate new viewership and community. DuJour adopts a proactive stance in optimizing primary keyword targeting, ensuring that your brand garners high visibility among your precise audience and providing video and photo amplification services that propel clients’ reach to unparalleled heights, supported by top-tier distribution outlets, GettyImages/BinnShots, which make up for over 80% of all media outlet searches, ensuring maximum visibility across the entire board.

DuJour, founded by Niche Media (Creator Jason Binn) in the Fall of 2012, is a luxury lifestyle media brand focusing on fashion, entertainment, art, travel, and business with unrivaled access to an audience of the most significant consumers who seek out our unique and engaging editorials. Through its dynamic and integrated platforms, DuJour reaches a highly coveted, self-selected audience on and offline, targeting more than 3.5 million nationally and locally with its quarterly rhythm. The 300K people within DuJour’s monthly wheelhouse spend over $15 billion a year and represent over 70% percent of the nation’s wealth and spending power.

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