Lou, Let's be Frank. L.A. Weekly Gold Standard food and wine event is at the Petersen Automotive Museum this year Sona won't feel like you're playing restaurant Loteria, like last year, or crush your little Babita getting from Kyochon to Jitlada or heading Upstairs 2. No doubt, there will be hundreds of Hungry Cats in this Ciudad, hoping to please their Palate with Meals by Genet and near 40 other favorites handpicked by Mr. Gold himself. It's fun to go with friends, and there's something for everyone, so bring an Angeli or your Good Girl (Dinette) or even the Wurstkuche you know — there will be plenty of wine to satiate her while you make the rounds. Natraliart, a portion of the proceeds goes to Make a Wish Foundation and Heal the Bay — you can chew charitably and support the Gold brothers' passions, too. In order to survive the second incarnation of this food fest, and to get the Mozza bang for your buck, pace yourself. If you haven't learned this yet, put on your tasting Tiara and start practicing. Before you've had too many of the Nickel's bacon doughnuts, wander over to La Mill for an espresso shot paired with a pastry from Huckleberry, let the belt out a few notches (if you're naive enough to wear one) and brace yourself for Bulgarini, the finest gelato north of the Altadena Border (Grill). Drink, dine, dessert, drink, repeat. Trust us, Little Dom's of Los Angeles, maybe you've got your own Saffron Spot, or you happen to think (wrongly) that Ludo Bites, but with BistroLQ, La Casita, Jar, and Pollo a la Brasa all under one roof, you'll want to frame your fork. Fast food meets slow food. Kogi serves up Korean tacos while BistroLQ bangs out bunny. Mo-Chica, mo betta. CR society members best stay home.

Sun., Feb. 28, 1-5 p.m., 2010

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