The black garb, the pale faces, the moody lighting, the dramatic, floor-sweeping dances . the sights are as significant as the sounds when it comes to a good gothic dance party, and though the ominous atmosphere might seem cliché or even silly to outsiders, it is the fiendish faithfulness of those who would be called “goth” that has allowed the scene to endure and even flourish no matter what’s en vogue in clubland. The city’s ghouls, night crawlers, death rockers and fetishists alike are sure to descend upon Resurrection, a bewitching one-night-only reunion of sorts featuring four of L.A.’s legendary dark-minded dance orgies of yore: Helter Skelter, Coven 13 and the decidedly more S&M, industrial-driven soirees known as Sin-a-matic and Fetish Ball. The DJ roster includes Joseph Brooks and Mike Stewart (also known for supplying sounds at Club Scream and seminal indie record shop Vinyl Fetish), Jason Lavitt, James Stone (Club Fuck), Jason Farber, Amanda Jones (Club Suicide) and Xian (Ruin). Whether you’ve haunted the original vortexes of vampy self-expression or the newer caves, this one’s worth rising for. El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Blvd., L.A.; Sat., Aug. 8, 10 p.m.-2 a.m.

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