Lee Abrams' classic memos to employees of the Tribune Co., the parent of the Los Angeles Times and KTLA, are some of the most brilliant we've ever seen when it comes to making content “pop.”

When news hit Times staffers Friday that Abrams, a former radio industry guru who was the company's “chief innovation officer,” resigned over a memo that included a spoof-newscast video of nude women titled “Sluts,” there were cheers in the newsroom, according to a tweet by New York Observer writer John Koblin:

“LA times staffer tells me there was 'applause and cheers when the message hit everyone's in-boxes here.'”

We're bummed. Frankly Abrams provided some of the most entertaining content to come out of Tribune, gems such as:

“We ARE in the age of the eye.”

“Imagine Newspaper CONTENT is a major artist. Currently they are performing in a old but reliable venue. What happens if the artist (Content) moves into a new super venue? Fans will love it–the music (content) will sound clearer…better seats…etc…If you create anew venue (look) and you do it RIGHT, people will love it.”

And who could forget:

“The front page is four large and visually stunning maps … “

How will the Times soldier on without his genius?

LA Weekly