The White Stripes are no more (read their announcement here). Sure, there where the red, black, and white outfits and props, the bare-bones blues riffing and pounding, the preciousness of Lil' Jackie White and all that.

And then there was Meg.

The Serene Majesty of 2000s music. The Icon. The Madonna of indie pop (the Renaissance version, not the Material Girl).

To mark the end of the White Stripes era, here are the Top 10 Most Adorable Meg White Photos:

10. Meg Among the Papparazzi

9. Circus Meg

8. Backstage Meg

7. Studio Meg

6. Revolutionary Meg

5. Focused Meg

4. Hot Pants Meg

3. Mexican Bordello Meg

2. Drumming Meg

And the Number One Most Adorable Meg White Picture is…

1. Saint Meg of Detroit!

Readers: What's YOUR favorite Meg White picture? Let us know in the comments.

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