Remember the 2008 Brian Eno-produced Coldplay hit song “Viva La Vida”? The one with the looping string-and-drums melody and the “when I ruled the world” refrain?

And then remember how someone (on YouTube, of course) figured out that the melody was suspiciously similar to guitar shredder Joe Satriani's 2004 instrumental “If I Could Fly” and then Satriani sued Coldplay and they settled out of court “for an undisclosed amount” in September 2009?

While many people were aware of the Coldplay/Satriani controversy (the video comparing them went kind of viral last year), not that many are aware that the enterprising folk of the interwebz found that both Coldplay and Satriani are predated by a very similar tune by Argentine pop band Enanitos Verdes, 2001's “Frances Limon.”

Anyhow, Enanitos Verdes are playing the House of Blues tonight. We totally think they should “cover” a medley of “Viva La Vida” and “If I Could Fly.”



A challenger appears: Cat Stevens! (who already took Flaming Lips to the cleaners for “Fight Song”):

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