Uh, who let the rednecks into Mar Vista?  The area was buzzing tonight about an LAPD raid in which explosives and machine guns were found in a cache in a residence in the fairly pricey, yet somewhat Bohemian, Westside neighborhood with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

According to one report, neighbors could clearly hear the cops shouting “Fire in the hole!” as stuff was detonated during the clearing-out effort.

So what was the plan, if there was one, of the unidentified residents on Woodgreen? Turns out they had been under surveillance for weeks. Not only that:

The LAPD confiscated a huge number of firearms — 100 — and, even more unnerving, 20 machine guns. All this came from a house in the 12700 block of Woodgreen Street, which is kind of a nice little area with decent yards just south of Palm Avenue.

This seems particularly odd, since the Mar Vista area has seen a lot less crime in the past couple of years, and it's not unusual to see people alone at night walking to the corner store.

Now they all have to be asking themselves: what on earth were the neighbors up to?

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