Big news from the world of frat parties. You know that red plastic Solo cup of beer pong fame? It doubles as a measuring cup, Mutineer Magazine reports. Yes, the indented rings appearing at different intervals along the side of the cup are not decorative or arbitrarily placed. Imagine, all this time you've been washing and rewashing your Pyrex measuring cup when you could just have reached for your housewarming party leftovers.

Three of the demarcations on the cup are meant to indicate 12 oz., 5 oz. and 1 oz. pours for beer, wine and spirits, respectively. But who wants to color inside the lines? Embark on a new drinking escapade by mixing up which hooch applies to which pouring line. And beware of the SoloGrips cups, which may be ergonomically correct but will have you reverting back to guestimation for pour size.

Solo Cup was not invented by a disheveled, underperforming coed in the late '70s. It was the hard work of a man named Leo J. Hulseman, who in 1936 started producing paper cone cups out of his home to sell to bottled-water companies. The business grew into Solo, and by the 1970s the iconic red cup was born. Just last month Solo made headlines when it was bought out by the baron of the Styrofoam industry, Dart Container Co., for about a billion dollars. That firetruck-red frat party fixture will never look the same to us again.

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