For everyone eagerly awaiting the opening of Red Medicine, the new “punk Vietnamese” restaurant coming soon to the ethnic food epicenter of Beverly Hills, you can now go get your bowls of Fugazi-inspired phở without having your Vietnamese grandmother, or your friends' Vietnamese grandmother, promptly disown you. Adam Fleischman (Umami Burger), Jordan Kahn (XIV, Per Se) and Noah Ellis (Michael Mina) have swapped out the previous logo, which sported a pretty picture of Ho Chi Minh, with this equally pretty — but far more politically and culturally sensitive — revised logo. Thank you.

Now we can all go check out the food (“imagine if heirloom seeds from California were planted in the Mekong Delta”) without worrying about anything except, possibly, what in the hell people do inside the Beverly Hills Posture and Rehabilitation Institute, which is next door to the restaurant. Or which culinary school in France that Ho Chi Minh was supposed to have attended. To quote a Vietnamese friend who wishes to remain anonymous on matters concerning the late Communist leader, “At least the bastard had good taste in food.”

LA Weekly