Shopper's guilt. It's more distressing than ever in light of the current economy. With people losing their jobs left and right, those of us lucky enough to be okay (for now anyway), can't help but feel a li'l bit bad when we drop dough on stuff, especially frivolities like clothes, bags or shoes. In an October Style piece, the New York Times called out those who spend four or five digits on a designer handbag these days as “gauche” (love that word), and helped popularize the current catch-term for budget-conscious style mavens: “recessionista.”

We can't get away from recessionistas right now. There's a blog, it was the subject of a whole Tyra Banks show last week and sample sales galore have used the tag in hopes of tempting us with great deals (even a local hipster sample sale from the Pool tradeshow peeps that went down this past weekend in Silver Lake). Sorry we didn't post that one before it happened!

But don't fret frugal fashionheads/cheapy chicas/sale-lovin' sistas/mark-down mamas/bargain babes- we've got a bevy of discount spend-a-thons that promise fun, fashion-forward wares and major savings too… and with style makers such as People's Revolution, Fresh Jive, and Sirens & Sailors behind 'em, you know there'll be hot stuff. Here's the ones to mark your calendar for. Check back here for more throughout the holiday season and beyond, though hopefully they won't be such a necessity in '09.




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